Want some Instagramable spot photos in Jakarta? Here are the top and most popular 5 places you can visit.


Jakarta has many cool and Instagramable spots, from the Bung Karno City Forest (GBK), the Macan Museum, M Bloc, and many more. You can visit these places for vacation or just hunting for some cool photos, you will not run out of photos to fill your Instagram story or feed. Let’s check out the five Instagramable spots in Jakarta that are suitable as a place for photo hunting.

Moja Museum
Located Inside Gelora Bung Karno, this museum has so many Instagramable spots which suitable for taking photos. Moja Art and Space, otherwise known as the Moja Museum, has become one of the contemporary, unique, and Instagramable places in Jakarta. In Moja museum, you can play the Roller-skate theme and ride around on wheels while taking selfies at the corners of this place which is very Instagramable.

Bung Karno City Forest
Another spot from GBK is the City Forest. One of the main spots in the Bung Karno City Forest is a mini waterfall pool with a landscape of skyscrapers in Jakarta. Even though it is in the middle of the city, the air in the Bung Karno City Forest (GBK) is still cool because it is surrounded by green plants. If you want to come to this place, the right time to visit is in the morning or evening, because the sun is not too hot.

Macan Museum
For lovers of modern contemporary art, the Macan Museum is a place that should not be missed. The Macan Museum is a favorite place for photographers because it has an eye-pleasing gallery that is the work of many local and international artists. One of the most popular is the glass installation room with colorful lights.

Senayan Park
Senayan Park or abbreviated as Spark Jakarta, has now become one of the most popular photo spots. That's because it presents views of the urban landscape. Spark is actually one of the big malls in Jakarta that has a Skywalk above the building. This place is crowded Especially when visiting in the afternoon until the evening. Visitors can walk on Skywalk Senayan Park while enjoying the beautiful view of the lights of the city of Jakarta.

M Bloc Space
This place is familiar to the people of Jakarta. This M Bloc Space has a vintage or ancient style design. Not only that, there are several cool murals of the works of local street people which are depicted behind this building.

So, those are the recommendations for hits Instagramable photo spots in Jakarta. The photo spots above also have easy access. You can visit those places on weekdays to avoid the hustle.

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