Freshly made soft cookies, what more can you ask?


Soft cookies are a sweet lovers' dream come true. These popular cookies, originally from the U.S., have a crunchy outer texture but are gooey on the inside. 

These cookies are now popular in Indonesia — a favorite of all ages. There are plenty of markets and online retailers that take online orders for these cookies, and they are frequently featured on the menus of several popular cafes in Indonesia.

Like any other cookies, soft cookies almost have similar ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, and some type of fat. Traditionally, raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts may be included in the dough. However, nowadays, people are getting creative and adding lots of other flavors and ingredients, including green tea, Nutella, Cadbury pieces, and ginger biscuit.

If you're a fan of cookies, you can't miss this craze. Here are the most recommended soft cookies shops in Jakarta that you can try and take home to your family.

Dough Lab

Dough Lab makes soft cookies with interesting and delectable ingredients. Try the Diva Jar, soft cookies with classic double chocolate chips coupled with salted caramel sauce made with imported ingredients. There are also the BFF cookies, giant chocolate chip cookies that can be shared. You can also go for a healthy alternative, such as The Flower Child, made with coconut milk and covered with pure melted chocolate.

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The small shop is hidden in a residential neighborhood in Senopati, South Jakarta. Nonetheless, its reputation has spread throughout the city, and it is frequently cited as the source of delightful cookies. It also opened another flagship shop at Central Park mall a couple of months ago.


Buttera offers freshly baked cookies every day. It has all the "safe" traditional flavors, including Peanut Butter, Double Dark, Walnut, and Original. But if you're feeling somewhat adventerous, you could try its Earl Gray Cookies — butter cookies infused with Earl Gray tea.

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These soft buttery cookies have a chewy texture and a solid enough shape that everyone can all enjoy. Its Dark Chocolate Cookies, for instance, are made with 70 percent dark chocolate and are sweet with a tinge of bitterness.

It has made sure that its cookies are suitable for birthdays, business meetings, conferences, and other social gathering events.

Pop Cookies

Pop Cookies is the biggest cookie store chain in the Jabodetabek region, with so many locations in major shopping malls such as Kota Kasablanka and Plaza Blok M. There, creativity reigns to produce some exquisite variations. 

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Try its Good Match(a) Cheese, Unicorn Salted Caramel Cookie, Savory Soft Cookies, or the highly unique Beef n Cheezy Cookie if you'd rather have something savory.

Toms Bomb Cookies

Toms Bomb Cookies' scrumptious creations come in adorable packaging and are available for delivery throughout Indonesia, making them ideal for creating party hampers and souvenirs. 

Its cookies are one-of-a-kind, with thick cookie dough on the exterior and a range of filling selections that melt within. For those who particularly enjoy nuts, consider topping its cookies with walnuts for a more crispy feel.

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Several flavors are available, including The Original, Triple Chocolate, Biscoff, and Espresso. You can also check out its online store, @tomsbombcookies.


This cookie shop is well-known for its modern concept paired with a pro-environmental ethos. It uses all-natural ingredients without sacrificing taste or texture. Its packaging, guaranteed to be ecologically friendly, comes in various cute designs with Mookie, the mascot, included. 

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In order to retain the cookies' superior quality, they are prepared on a regular basis and are handmade. You can find them in South Jakarta.


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