Animation movies made by Indonesian.


Talking about animation, Disney's and Japanese anime will be the first which come out in our heads. Those animations are from foreign but have many big fans in Indonesia.

But don’t you know that we also have a lot of animation movies, created by our locals, and internationally recognized? So here are the movies list.

Kiko and Friends

Kiko brings a local story. The character itself has educational values that are worthy of being a spectacle for Indonesian children. Good news, Kiko and Friends also well-received broadly.


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According to Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, CEO of MNC Animation, Kiko and Friends have been aired abroad, in the UK, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela. It has been dubbed into English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The DVD version of Kiko was even released. The response was also extraordinary; being sold at franchise chicken outlets, Kiko has sold around 350 thousand copies since it was released. This is also their way to bring 'Kiko' closer to Indonesian children.

Knight Kris

Knight Kris is an Indonesian animated movie (cartoon) that was made in 2017. The story tells about a child's adventure in finding five separate krisses (keris). The voice actor for this movie is performed by a well-known Indonesian magician, host, and actor, Deddy Corbuzier.


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The first animated movie by Deddy Corbuzier also reaped brilliant results; many achievements have been obtained. The first achievement achieved by the film, which Johannes Paulus and Kurniawan Biantoro produced, won the 2017 Maya Cup in the 2017 Selected Widescreen Animated Film category, then also received an award at the London Independent Film Awards in London, England, as well as being a winner at the Calcutta Film Festival in India.

Not only that, Knight Kris was also a candidate for a champion in various international awards. Call it the Guro Kids Film Festival (GUKIF) 2018 in South Korea, then at the 2018 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Film Festival (SICAF), also at the Palm Spring International Film Festival (PSIAF) 2018, and the San Diego Kid United States Film Festival.

Candy Monster

This film by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) Pictures stories a 6-year-old little girl named Chloe who loves sweets. Chloe lives with her grandmother named Nana, who always gives Chloe many rules. However, Chloe is often undisciplined and does things that violate the rules.


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Kemal Hassan, manager of UMN Pictures, said that Candy Monster production process took up to two years, from 2017 to 2019. The long production time was due to several obstacles. However, the hard work for two years is finally paid off. Candy Monster was screened at the international movie festival. Candy Monster successfully passed the selection of the international animated short movie competition at the 60th Zlin Film Festival for the children's category.

The Zlin Film Festival is one of the largest festivals for children and youth in Europe. Of course, our film passed because Candy Monster talks about children's issues, so it relates to the festival theme.

Kuku Rock You

In the midst of the onslaught of foreign animated movies, Kuku Rock You made an achievement. The quality of this movie could be compared with foreign movie as this won in the Asiagraph competition in 2008 in Japan, which is the center of animation movie industry, and had aired on a private television station ahead of Shaun The Sheep, but was unfortunately discontinued.


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Kuku Rock You is an animated movie series that tells about an adventure of a chicken and his friends who obsessed in becoming a rock singer. They have a dream to go international. But the journey of this chicken is not smooth.

Their struggle is interrupted by a cat. The name Kuku Rock You itself was actually inspired by the sound of a rooster crowing, like kukuruyuk, but was changed because the movie was designed for an international audience.



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