Stay safe and you got this!


During this emergency Community Activities Restrictions Enforcement (PPKM), people are urged to just stay at home. In implementing PPKM, one of the rules is to allow critical sectors whose staff is permitted to work-from-office (WFO) as much as 100 percent with strict health protocols.

Critical sectors include energy, health, security, logistics and transportation, food and beverage industry, petrochemicals, cement, national vital objects, disaster management, national strategic projects, construction, basic utilities, and industries that fulfill the community's basic needs.

But that doesn't mean that people can't find anything to work on during this pandemic while staying at home. Several jobs can be done from home.

Are you curious about the jobs that you could do from home? The S Media has listed several jobs that can be done from home alone.

1. Sell personal health products

Photo Courtesy of  @julie-viken-148496

Many people are currently seeking items such as hand sanitizers, masks, and others. If you're interested, you can sell personal health items. To give a different service, you can provide personalization, such as personalizing names or stickers.

Or maybe you can sell vitamins, sterilized milk, and honey because right now, they are needed mainly to increase the body's immune system.

However, even though the community really needs these objects, sell them at an affordable price.

2. Reseller or become a courier service

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Becoming a reseller or entrusting service is also a job that you could do during this pandemic. How come? Because most people don't dare to leave the house, so you can become a surrogate for monthly shopping and so on.

As for resellers, it's almost the same as selling personal health products; you can sell household needs such as soap and other household needs from a marketplace that doesn't require people to leave the house.

3. Content Creator

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To help small businesses nearby, you can help them become content creators. This creator's content can also be said to be an endorsement, but don't put a price that is too expensive. Because in a situation like this, the economy is challenging, so we should help each other.

We are all in this pandemic together; please keep safe by obeying the health protocols. If you are tired, have you imagined the health workers that have to face the patients? 

Stay safe; if you feel unwell, please do some testing to keep your loved one safe. 

If you don't need to work outside the home, don't leave the house. If your boss allows you to work from home, do it. Although Zoom meetings can be tiring at times, they are the best for all of us right now.

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