While many restaurants can have their unique places, this time, let's explore some other instragrammable places Surabaya still has to offer


Instagram, with its multi-million users, never run out of topics to discuss. We have collected places around Indonesia that are worthy to be called "instagrammable places." This time, we lead you to Indonesia's second largest city, Surabaya. 

The city has served as a trading port in Java for a long time ago. Located at the Brantas River's mouth, the city was founded by Raden Vijaya in 1293 when he also found Majapahit, Indonesia's glorious empire. 

According to the local folklore, Brantas River's mouth was also the place where the legendary battle between a shark, called Sura, and a crocodile, called Baya, occurred. Therefore, the city got its name, Surabaya. 

The city, which is also known as the "the City of Heroes," has evolved to become a commercial center of industrial and agricultural land. A tour of the surrounding area will introduce you to some of the considerably large size and variety of buildings as well as restaurants located in there. 

While many restaurants are designed and served as instagrammable for attraction purposes, there are many places aside from restaurants that are worth as picture-perfect spots. Some of them magnify religious and historical places from its architecture and its symbols. Here are 3 spots in Surabaya that are worth being called as instagrammable places.

The Heroes Monument
The Heroes Monument symbolizes the patriotic spirits of the "arek-arek Suroboyo" or Surabayan youths in the era of colonialism. This monument is located in front of the Governor of East Java office. This monument is located in Pahlawan Street, right at the center of the city. 

The monument's shape is like an upside down nail, which has a monumental philosophical significance. Its height is 40 meters and has a diameter of approximately 3 meters. The lower part of the monument is decorated with the engraving of Trisula, Chakra, Stamba and Padma as a symbol of fight against fire. The engraving makes it picturesque for photo taking.

The whole monument itself is built as a tribute to the fallen soldiers in the great Indonesian battle on November 10, 1945. 

Al-Akbar Mosque
You probably have heard this before, but the mosque is better known as the Great Mosque. Located at Mesjid Agung Street of Surabaya, Al-Akbar is one of the largest mosques in East Asia. It highlights Surabaya on the map as a strong aspect of the influence of Muslims in the region. Due to its unique and majestic feature dome, many locals and visitors come to see the splendor of the mosque. 

The mosque can be found along the highway that connects Surabaya and Juanda Airport. The building is colored in turquoise and has four smaller domes. The mosque is equipped with a 99 meter tower which stands among the domes. It rises above the surrounding skyline and for that reason, this place, aside from being a religious place, is also instagrammable.

St. Mary's Catholic Church

This Roman Catholic Church is also known as Kepanjen, a name which is more common to the locals. Located in the street with the same name, the church was built in 1899. As one of the oldest buildings in Surabaya, it has experienced a long history of construction as a line of pastors and successors was carried on to their younger generation. 

The building is designed in the Gothic architectural style. The churches exist due to the influence of the Dutch colonialism. Among the few Catholic churches in the city, it gives the aesthetic beauty that Instagram fans can take advantage of.

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