Indonesia's F&B products stood out the Winter Fancy Food Show 2022 with Rp.150 billion potential transaction.


Indonesia's food and beverage products are getting more popular in the United States.

Indonesia's F&B products made a potential transaction of more than Rp. 150 billion through their participation in the Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) in Las Vegas on February 6-8, 2022.

This year's WFFS was attended by more than 800 participants worldwide from all around the United States, Italy, France, Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan.

"This year's exhibition is also on a smaller scale compared to the previous one. However, Indonesia can reap significant potential transactions," said Bayu Nugroho, head of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPC).

Nine of Indonesia's small and medium enterprises joined this event. Indonesia's F&B products are well-known for their specific materials and lines of market and distribution.


The Participating Companies

One of the attending companies is Jans Enterprises Corp. As an importer and distributor of Indonesia's F&B products, Jans Enterprises offers cassava chips, coconut water, and sweet potato chips to the United States market.

On the other hand, Indonesia also brought a company that focuses on providing a variety of sambal, packed-seasoning, tea bag, herbal, and fruits, namely Jawa Import Inc & FoodEx.

Atama Premier Foods, a company that distributed snacks of prawn crackers, pastry, sweet potato chips, and cheese biscuits to all around the United States, also participated in the event.

Narata, Rumah Mocaf Indonesia, and Tyi are three companies that enrolled in the event powered by the collaboration of ITPC Los Angeles and Bank Indonesia. Three of the following companies have diverse commodities, from fruits chips to tapioca flour-based products.

“The US buyer's major response to Indonesia's F&B products has shown that Indonesia has the market and competitiveness ability and quality of taste which align the US market. We believe US buyers are looking for new suppliers who can supply in large quantities, especially for healthy foods and beverages," expressed Bayu.

The purpose of Indonesia's participation in the Winter Fancy Food Show is to gain trust and reputation in the US buyers to attract more trades in the future.


Indonesia's F&B Products Track Record
In 2021, Indonesia made a total of $23,19 million for foods export and $1.35 million for beverages export.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Indonesian trade attache to Beijing recorded Rp. 310 million direct transactions (B2C) and  Rp. 24.4 billion turn-over (B2B) potential in a year through Indonesia's participation in The 100 China Food and Drinks Fairs (CFDF) exhibition which was held in Chengdu, Tiongkok from March 21 to 23, 2019.

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