Ghosts, phantoms, haunted houses, Indonesian horror movies will have you at the edge of your seat.


The things Indonesian find terrifying are quite different than what other parts of the world consider scary. For example, people in the U.S. might be more scared of bigfoot, werewolves, aliens, or any type of physically huge monsters. But in this country, ghosts, specters, hauntings, and possessions might be considered scarier than physical monsters.

Horror filmmakers took note of this fact and it is the reason why most Indonesian horror movies revolved around local ghosts, such as kuntilanak, pocong, genderowo, and more. It is also the reason why Indonesian horror movies are unique and suspenseful. 

There are three Indonesian horror movies worth looking into. Check them out below.

Sebelum Iblis Menjemput (2018)
Alfie is an independent yet cold woman living her days as usual until her step sibling called her. She said their father lays dying in the hospital and she wants Alfie to visit. Remembering how her rich father abandoned her as a child, Alfie though reluctant eventually agrees to meet him.

In the hospital, she met the family with whom his father left her to live. Tension grows as the true intention of her invitation is for her to sign off the ownership of an old villa so her stepmother can sell it. She refused and instead visits the villa herself to “secure” it, which was then followed by her stepfamily. 

Unknowingly, the villa is actually haunted and this discovery only led Alfie to the true reason why her father is wealthy.

Danur (2017)
The ability to see ghosts is not a really bad experience for a young girl named Risa. Constantly left alone by her busy parents, Risa befriends four Dutch ghost children living in her home, Peter, Janshen, William, and Hans. Later, she left the house and forgot about them until she came back at 17 years old.

But Risa soon finds out her house is not the same as before. An evil spirit took her sister and she must do all it takes to take her back while uncovering mysteries lies in her house.

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Mata Batin (2017)
The movie follows Alia who came home to Jakarta from Bangkok following her parent's death. She and her sister Abel moved into their childhood home, far from the city’s busy life. But Abel felt uncomfortable in the house, saying they are not alone in it. She admits to having an ability to see dead people since her third eye was awakened as a child.

In total disbelief, Alia refused to acknowledge her sister’s ghost ramblings. But then, her belief crumbles as her own third eye was opened to finally be able to see what her sister has been seeing this whole time.

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