"SCENE" is a program aimed to improve the quality of screenplay produced by Indonesian filmmakers and screenwriters.


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is encouraging the improvement of screenplay quality produced by Indonesian filmmakers as well as screenwriters through a program called "SCENE".

SCENE has been around since 2020, and it has since provided development masterclasses for movie, TV, and Over-The-Top OTT writers. "In its third year, SCENE is focusing on the concept improvements that allow screenwriters to ripen their works and be ready to compete in the industry," said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno on Friday, February 25, 2022.

OTT and the future of media

Sandiaga pointed out that the development and incubation of screenwriting have become important during the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly considering the significant growth of (OTT) media services. 

According to a study by Statista in May 2021, 48 percent of urban residents in Indonesia subscribed to at least one OTT media service. Another research by Kantar and The Trade Desk in 2020, which highlighted the OTT consumption trend in Indonesia, found that 57 percent of OTT media subscribers increased their watch-time since the pandemic started. About 73 percent of the respondents said they plan to remain subscribed to the OTT media of their choice.

"During [the pandemic], OTT or streaming services has the chance to grow and even replace the role of cinemas and conventional television," Sandiaga explained.

The ministry's Director of Apps, Games, Television and Radio Syaifullah stated that SCENE's purpose of accommodating screenwriters from all over Indonesia comes in accordance with the rising demand for local content, which has gained a value proposition for many local or foreign OTT media services in Indonesia.

Bridging screenwriters and the industry

Syaifullah explained that as part of this year's SCENE program, there would be workshops in four cities in Indonesia, namely Bogor, Semarang, Jambi, and Banjarmasin. 

About 200 participants, which will be curated by Syaifullah's team, will go through various processes such as online assignments and assessments for approximately two months. Later on, participants with the best screenplay will be selected to participate in an intensive incubation with expert and experienced mentors. 

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The final products from this incubation process will be brought to ShowcaSCENE, a forum designed to bridge screenwriters with the industry. 

The forum will invite various production houses, OTT companies, and investors, allowing them to curate and produce scenarios created from SCENE.

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