Headphones on ― let's take a trip down memory lane.


The recent release of NOAH's famed music video "Yang Terdalam", first released in 2003, has caught fans of the band by surprise. The remake appears just like the original video, prompting fans to reminisce about their old tunes — and the memories that go with it.

NOAH ― previously called Peterpan ― is an Indonesian rock band recognized for its introspective lyrics and catchy rhythms. Ariel, Andika, Indra, Lukman, Reza, and Uki founded Peterpan in Bandung, West Java in 2000. Ariel, Lukman, and David are the current members of the band.

Musica Studios signed Peterpan and released their debut studio album, "Taman Langit", in June 2003. Their most famous songs such as "Sahabat", "Mimpi Yang Sempurna" on piano, "Aku dan Bintang", "Semua Tentang Kita", "Topeng", and "Yang Terdalam", propelled the band to fame and its members quickly earned superstar status. The debut album itself earned a triple-platinum award.

Flickr/Dhimas Driawan
Courtesy of Flickr/Dhimas Driawan


The band was embroiled in a drama that eventually saw Andika and Indra — forcing it to change its name in the process. The unveiling of a new name was scheduled for 2010, but it was postponed since Ariel was jailed that year. 

The band's new name, NOAH, was announced when Ariel was finally discharged in 2012. It regained prominence in 2012 with its first album, "Seperti Seharusnya", which sold more than 1.9 million copies in Indonesia and earned the band their second AMI Award for Best of the Best Album. 

Reza left the band in 2015, around the time NOAH released their second album, "Second Chance", on which they collaborated with Steve Lillywhite. Uki left the band in 2019 after the publication of the album Keterkaitan Keterikatan, which received another AMI Award for Best of the Best Album.

The new music video for "Yang Terdalam" was recreated in the same location (Jakarta). Although it followed the same scenario and concept as the original, the cast was changed entirely, and the music video was portrayed by Iqbaal Ramadhan, Difki Khalif, and Rheno Poetiray instead.

In the video, the lead actor in the film "Bumi Manusia" was seen with long hair, a brown jacket, and a white T-shirt. Iqbaal's presence in the "The Deepest" remake was also well appreciated by fans. They said the Svmmerdose vocalist was "fortunate" to be featured in a music video of one of NOAH's most successful tracks.

This song has a profound significance to its admirers as its lyric depicts the sentiments when someone believes he has lost the one he loves. The video shows a man who constantly recalls the love he has lived with his partner, but now everything is only a memory.

According to The Jadugar, the production company in charge of this video project in 2003, "Yang Terdalam" had the highest production of any project they had ever worked on ever. This is because they experimented with shooting the entire video on 16mm celluloid film.

"It was recorded in the morning when the Sabang area was empty, and residents were still asleep. It only took three hours of shooting, then it was finished, as everything was done in one take with only four rolls of film in a can. (The final product only) took four takes," the team said in an Instagram post.

In addition to the new video for "Yang Terdalam", NOAH has released "Second Chance: Taman Langit" — the band's newest take on its debut album — on all digital music platforms. This will be followed by the re-release of "Bintang di Surga", "Hari yang Cerah" dan "Second Chance".

The re-releases will have altered and improved melody and sound structure, although it remains to be seen how NOAH's version will set itself apart from the original.

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