TWS personal audio device is needed when everyone is working from home.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many people's lives, including when we are forced to work from home. Some changes include virtual meetings to discuss work that can be done from home with only a laptop or mobile phone.

The research company Canalys recently presented data that sales of TWS or true wireless stereo devices increased in the first quarter of 2021. The device, which is the main partner of this mobile phone, grew by about 20 percent in 2020 to reach 432 million units.

The brand that leads the TWS market in Indonesia is Samsung, which recorded 17 percent of the market or grew 20 percent from last year. The second brand is Oppo which controls 13 percent of the market and increases the highest from the previous year, 1,005 percent.

Another brand is Xiaomi which controls 11 percent of the TWS market, which unfortunately drops by 7 percent compared to last year. The fourth brand is Apple which owns 8 percent of the market and grows 5 percent from last year. Finally, the QCY brand has a market share of 6 percent, with an increase in market share of 298 percent.


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Canalys revealed that the global smart accessory market would increase by 28 percent by the end of 2021. The total number of TWS and other wearable devices will reach 558 million by the end of the year and 760 million by 2024.

Another fascinating figure is that when the world experienced a pandemic in 2020, the growth of the global TWS market was recorded at 78 percent from the previous year. A total of 233 million units of TWS were sold last year.

The exciting side that can be analyzed from the growth of TWS is that there are changes in needs as long as people face a pandemic. The broader capabilities of smartphones make the need for TWS a must.

The TWS is a handy device because, unlike conventional earphones, it doesn't require cables. Its use can be anywhere, for example, while in the kitchen, doing homework, or taking care of children.

Most of the connection technology already uses Bluetooth 5.0. Even when the case is open, the latest version uses Bluetooth 5.2, which automatically makes the pairing process easier with mobile phones. This feature also has an impact on better sound quality and a more extended range.

Another reason the purchase of TWS is increasing is that the manufacturers of these devices provide quite a lot of attractive designs. From the case to the audio device, it can embrace various types of consumers.


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The new TWS products also promise a larger battery size for a more comfortable user experience. Many TWS products promise up to 8 hours of usage with a single-use and a total of 18 hours when using the charging case.

Inevitably, the need to work from home helps TWS sales. Starting from Zoom activities, communication using video, Google Meet and others, it's easy to use TWS connected on a smartphone.

The most sought after feature of TWS is noise cancelling. This feature makes the surrounding sound muted until the sound isolation is clearly audible. This convenience used to be only available in large headphones but is now available in devices as small as TWS.

The main reason for the increase in TWS sales is that consumers are given a wide choice of prices and models. A few years ago, finding TWS for under Rp 500,000 was very difficult. Now TWS is sold from Rp 100,000 to over Rp 1 million.

The experience is also enhanced by TWS manufacturers by presenting applications to manage the sound produced by these audio devices. No wonder then TWS became the most sought after device at the time of WFH.

This condition in Indonesia is also felt in the global market. In the first quarter of this year, the TWS segment was led by Apple, followed by Xiaomi in second and Samsung in third. Even though this world TWS producer had difficulty meeting demand in 2020, it rose to experience growth until the middle of this year at the end of last year.


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