"Manusia" Album from Tulus breaks Spotify record with 969 streaming playback and into the Global Chart #93 for the very first time


To commemorate National Music Day on March 9 annually, Indonesian musician, Tulus, initially known for his song "Sepatu", successfully achieved a national breaking record of almost one million listeners on Spotify from his fifth album. 

Tulus has been fond of singing since he was in the third grade of elementary school. From being forced by his art teacher, as of 2011, Tulus's full name, Muhammad Tulus Rusydi, has already released four studio albums. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter as well as a lyricist. He decided to become a jazz singer when he was studying at a university in Bandung. 

On March 3, 2022, he finally released his newest album called "Manusia". Consisting of 10 songs: Tujuh Bela, Kelana, Remedi, Interaksi, Ingkar, Jatuh Suka, Nala, Hati-Hati di Jalan, Diri, and Satu Kali, Tulus reported that the album was made in collaboration with many top Indonesian musicians. The album debuted at third position in Spotify's Top Global Albums from 4-6 March, 2022.

Among them are as follows, Ari Renaldi as producer, Dere, Petra Sihombing, Topan Abimanyu, and Yoseph Sitompul as co-writers of the song with Tulus himself, Erwin Gutawa and his orchestra to add the splendor of the song. 

With the release of the new album, Tulus explained that it was mostly inspired by human interaction and a celebration of the youthful spirit that everyone has within. 

"Young spirit is the spirit that will always be inside us, no matter how far our age journey," Tulus stated. 

This could be visibly seen from the "Manusia" album's first release "Tujuh Belas" which tells about the transition of a 17-year-old becoming an adult. 

Meanwhile, the release of the new album was personally a celebration of Tulus's 10 years of career. He told the media that the album was with many hidden stories. While many has begun to question his decision and choice for the album, he responded. 

Tiny details

Tulus describes that "Manusia", translated to human, has many ups and downs in terms of humane feelings. He hopes that the 10 songs in the album could provide a better view of human feelings and consider them as beautiful for every human being. 

Tulus unfolds that the color blue is close to dynamic feelings. He hopes that the album can give the same energy to the listeners. 

"The blue color tone, the new color album from the writings and arrangement, so when (we were) discussing the presentation (of the album), finally (we decided) that the color which is still amicable, feels like progress and fresher with blue."

Tulus clarified that the song in the album has many stories, along with feelings, and goals. For that reason, he suggests that the songs are listened to subsequently. 

"So if you listen to (the song) one by one, there will be its continuity with each other. Maybe it feels the same because we can get it from the vocal, intonation, and language."

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