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Of course, everyone recognizes the talented singer Raisa Andriana. This beautiful singer has just made her fans proud and even her fellow musicians in the country congratulate her.

Yes, thanks to her melodious voice, Raisa was successful in getting the prestigious award she won. As recently, the beautiful face of Hamish Daud's wife has appeared on New York's Times Square Billboard.

This was known through Raisa's own Instagram upload, on Thursday (22/7/2021). Seeing the unexpected thing, Hamish Daud's wife was surprised by her face plastered on the billboard.

“Times Square, baby! Amidst its challenges, this year has been full of surprises. Recording and releasing “It's Personal”, (The Intro of my upcoming album) back in June, and now having my face on Times Square. And God never fails to remind me how blessed I am through His ways. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you @spotify @spotifyasia for featuring my music in their EQUAL campaign. Feeling so honored and empowered to be representing the women of Indonesia. Here's to my fellow Indonesian women, don't give up on the person you're becoming, it's time for us women to take charge.

Anyone living in New York? Come say hi to your girl #spotifyEQUAL.”

This happy news started when Raisa released her new album, It's Personal. At that time, she was amazed to hear the news.

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Seeing her face plastered big on the Times Square billboard, she felt very grateful even though she thought this year was a challenge and finally got a surprise.

The feeling of happiness is also not felt alone, her husband and friends also feel happy for the achievements made by Raisa.

Not only that, but Raisa also expressed her gratitude to one of the music platforms that made her face plastered on the Times Square billboard.

In addition, Hamish Daud's wife also gave a message to Indonesian women not to give up and be themselves.

Besides Raisa, there is also Nadin Amizah. Through his personal Instagram, the singer who is familiarly called Nadin shared his portrait which was displayed in Times Square, New York, United States.


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It is known, the 2000-born singer became one of the representatives for the Equal campaign organized by Spotify. This is certainly one of the most precious moments in his career in the music world.

“One of the most surreal moments this year is to see my face, as big as a building, broadcasted in New York’s Times Square.

I have never been there before, but to be the representative of Indonesia for @spotify’s Equal Campaign, and to be there alongside so many beautiful and powerful women around the world, is a dream I’ve never dared to dream of before.

If I can’t travel far, my music will, insyaAllah.

Thank you @spotify @spotifyasia, congratulations @anyaanggarda @nyiteung @ruli_yusuf @ginaismi.

And to all of the people who have supported me so much to the point, I don’t think I deserve all of your love,

This is for you.

My win is your win too.❤️"

Equal is Spotify’s campaign to support women in the music industry, sticking up for the equal opportunity for women musicians around the world.

Billboard Times Square is indeed a place to display portraits of the world's top artists. Indonesian musicians are no exception. Before Nadin Amizah, there were three Indonesian musicians whose faces were plastered in the heart of New York City.

There's also Rich Brian. Through his second album entitled The Sailor, Rich Brian's face was successfully displayed in New York's Times Square. This proud achievement was achieved by the Indonesian rapper in 2019. With a proud smile, he shared the moment on his personal Instagram.

The music group, which consists of Reza Arap, Eka Gustiwana, and Gerald Liu, managed to display their portrait in New York Times Square in mid-2020. This achievement is thanks to the song Lathi which has gone viral and has crossed 100 million views on digital platforms.

Lathi reaches 100 million total views online! We were hoping to bring our show to New York, but it's going to work for now. Weird Genius in Times Square," wrote @weird.genius.

The next Indonesian musician whose face appears in New York Times Square is Maruli Tampubolon. In his Instagram upload, the actor and singer shared his success thanks to the song Never Stand Alone at the end of 2020.

Niki, too, was so happy and honored that her face was plastered on the Videotron in Times Square, New York, United States. Times Square has been known as a popular location in Uncle Sam's country, so it's no wonder that Niki is so proud of her achievements.

Through an upload, Niki also expressed her gratitude for being given this valuable opportunity.

Well, Indonesian should be proud of their achievements, and continue to support the next generation in the music industry.

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