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Although Euro 2020 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fans patiently waited for the sporting event. Here are the ten best T-shirts according to Hypebeast.

France Home (Nike)

Photo Courtesy of Nike

The first shirt is the French jersey. This shirt is also a homage to the 1998 French national team jersey. The French team completed the look with a red band wrapped around the chest. The jersey also recalls another French classic, with blue stripes in tribute to classic marinière designs.

Germany Home (Adidas)

Photo Courtesy of Adidas 

Germany's home kit features the stripes that the team has worn since the 1980s. But this time, the T-shirt style is combined with lines that resemble brush strokes. Not only that, there are details of the colors of the German flag on the sleeves.

England Home (Nike)

Photo Courtesy of Nike 

The semi-finals and final of the Euros will be held in London. Of course, this is a big moment for England. Because England hasn't won a major tournament since 1966. The jersey is finished with a navy blue trim around the crew neck and side stripes with a white base. These areas are also embossed with a "Community of Lions" graphic.

Portugal Away (Nike)

Photo Courtesy of Nike

For Portugal, this jersey was inspired by their jersey at Euro 2016. Cristiano Ronaldo praised the design of this shirt as "really beautiful, really cool"—it is then finished with black detailing around the collar and sleeves.

Italy Home (PUMA)

Photo Courtesy of PUMA

PUMA took inspiration from the renaissance. This theme is referenced through an all-over geometric pattern influenced by art and architecture. This renaissance style is also a symbol of the rise of the Italian team.

Sweden Away (Adidas)

Photo Courtesy of Nike

For both Sweden's home and away kits, Adidas has looked to mix class with modernity. The stand-out of the two is the away jersey, which features a dark blue base offset by Sweden's signature yellow colors. This color combination features across the entire journey, particularly in an eye-catching pinstripe design.

Spain Home (Adidas)

Photo Courtesy of Adidas

All of Adidas's home kits for this tournament feature an artistic influence, and the Spain jersey takes this inspiration to create an abstract design. The jersey featured deep hues of red and burgundy based around the national flag and was created by breaking the flag into single pixels and reconstructing it.

Finland Home (Nike)

Photo Courtesy of Nike

This Euro tournament is the first international tournament for the Finnish national team. Therefore, their jersey design has a white base adorned with a huge blue cross that fades from "Royal Blue" to a darker shade. Finishing off the design are the words "Sisu Suomi"—which celebrates the population's determination and tenacity, values ​​they hope will help throughout June and July.

Belgium Away (Adidas)

Photo Courtesy of Adidas

Belgium's away shirt is one of Adidas's most eye-catching. The off-white base color is adorned with an all-over graphic, a hand-painted artwork designed especially for the jersey. They are also complemented with hits of red and black, while a "B" detailing appears on the back of the neck.

Austria Away (PUMA)

Photo Courtesy of  PUMA

The Austria kit is also a celebration of the team's crest. The black jersey sports a repeated emblem pattern, while a thin red-and-white stripe and the word "Österreich" also feature. This eye-catching jersey is then partnered with light blue socks and shorts to give the kit a different feel to Austria's home kit's classic white and red kit.

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