If you could taste these authentic ramen noodles, which one would you try?


Ramen is one of the most famous noodle dishes in the world. In Asia, perhaps it is considered comfort food to most people. Some even designed a hack of the ramen taste in the form of instant ramen but there is nothing better than the real ramen that is made with heart, and these are the world’s best ramen restaurants. 


Tsuta is one of the world’s best ramen restaurants, it is located in Tokyo and has been awarded a Michelin star. 

Above all, Tsuta started as a small stall in Tokyo, and they only have nine customers at a time. This means people need to wait for a ramen bowl. But surely, you won’t regret it once after you try the ramen. 

Ide Shoten - Tokyo

There’s another best ramen restaurant in Tokyo. That ramen restaurant in Ide Shoten. Ide Shoten is located in Wakayama, Tokyo. Though Ide Shoten is not a Michelin star ramen restaurant, it's one of the best ramen in Japan. They are known for their broth that contained pork bones and soy sauce.

Tsujita LA - LA

Tsujita is a ramen restaurant based in LA and inspired by a Japanese dish. The restaurant received help from Tanaka-Shoten, another famous ramen spot in Japan. So surely, Tsujita LA is not going to disappoint your taste buds. They also used chicken and pork broth for you guys. 

Ippudo New York - New York

Ippudo is one of the most famous ramen restaurants out there. They have various menus that would be amazed by every customer. Their famous menu is Miso Akamaru that is known for its traditional tonkotsu pork broth, as well as three different kinds of miso, and definitely, it's a must-try. 

And there you go, those are the most famous ramen restaurants, and they are the best according to Petite Gourmet. But if you have a chance to visit Japan, just try ramen on every stall you could find. They don’t have to be a famous restaurant, just sit and enjoy the scene. 

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