Working from home often relates to the feeling of unproductivity, mainly because we share the same space for our personal daily activities. Here are some of our best tricks to solve that.


Coming up to three year now, Covid-19 has limited our room to do outdoor activities, including work. We've been adapting much better into digitalized work rhythms than the old traditional ones.

However, one of the most common obstacles we face in working from home is the tendency to fall into unproductivity. Here are four tips for you to stay productive while working from home:

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Start your day early
Generally, prioritizing your work in the morning will help your mind stay clear before other matters build up throughout the day. By starting early, you'll also get to complete things faster. If you're not a morning person, we know how heavy your blanket can feel. But despite the temptation to stay in bed, know that every habit begins with a little effort and consistency. 

Try to set your alarm early, have something to look forward to in the morning, like a cup of coffee or tea, then dive directly into your workload. 

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Create your workspace
Dividing your personal and workspace will separate your space and mind to decide where and when to rest or work. If the line between work and personal matters is not clear, you may potentially end up working constantly with difficulties to rest. This can create mental fatigue. That's why it is safer to have an area at home designated specifically for work. 

Making your own workspace doesn't necessarily mean you need a room full of office appliances. Indeed, ideally, your workspace should be in a room to have more privacy. But if you don't have any free room available in your house, you could simply put a desk in the corner of your family room or make a comfortable seating space on your deck to work on.

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Reduce the digital distraction
We all realize how scrolling through social media can be mental and time-consuming. It's easy to say, "I'll do it for 5 minutes only" and the next thing you know, two hours have passed by, and you haven't gotten any of your work done. 

To anticipate this, put your phone away when you're working, or mute any social media notifications, or you could even use the timer to limit the use of your phone.

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Give yourself a break, too
If you've applied all the following tips above, don't forget to give yourself a break too (and maybe a pat on the back, "Good job, dear self."). A short break is essential to let you breathe for a moment. 

Forcing yourself too hard might work just fine for now but will cause more problems in the future. Take a quick walk or go jam on your favorite music once you feel exhausted with work.

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