Moon Boots have been celebrated for over 50 years — now more than ever.


Vintage fashions have been making a resurgence in the last few years. 90s style, such as mom jeans, super crop tops, and scrunchies, is among the most well-known. Apart from 90s fashion, Moon Boots, which were popular in the early 1970s, are the latest to make a comeback.

As It girls, TikTokers, and Gen-Z fashionistas continue to look to the early aughts for as-yet-undiscovered treasures, Moon Boots have resurfaced as the footwear trend.

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Besides just being suitable for the winter, people all around the world, particularly celebrities, wear them regularly, such as Paris Hilton. She adores Moon Boots and wears them only to make a fashion statement.

Apollo 11 and Moon Boots

Moon Boots first appeared in Italy in the year after Apollo 11's moon landing. After watching the moon landing in 1969, businessman Giancarlo Zanatta invented the shoes, a space-age fashion item influenced by the design of the astronauts' technical gear.

In the early 1970s, Zanatta's company, Tecnica Group, patented the "Moon Boot" moniker and advertised the shoe as après-ski apparel, a favorite of Paul and Linda McCartney and the Jet Set. By 2020, the company had sold more than 45 million boots worldwide.

How Moon Boots influences pop culture

Moon Boots traversed the spectrum of '00s subcultures in the years that followed. They were one of the main attractions for Harajuku street stylers, making their way into Snooki's wardrobe via New York's scene kids, and were even welcomed by Paris Hilton's crew as part of a more babetastic, McBling mood.

Unsurprisingly, the celebs who'd experienced through the boot's peak in the 2000s were the first to rekindle the trend: Madonna sneaked a pair or two into a so-called Instagram "photo dump". A few days later, Mariah Carey strode into the New Year, fur-caped and two Moon Boots afoot.

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Also, because these are the kinds of visuals that are regularly thrown onto the Instagram feed, it would be simple to explain Moon Boots' comeback in 2022 as part of the catch-all Y2K nostalgia loop. After all, Dua Lipa, Lourdes Leon, and Iris Aptow have all styled themselves after early-aughts enthusiasts, and each has rushed to Instagram to flaunt their gigantic boots.

The phenomenon is not restricted to social media. The lookbook for Miu Miu's fall 2021 collection saw models walking through the snow in Cousin It-sized boots. Acne also debuted a hirsute cow-print boot that nearly reached the knee. Chanel, on the other hand, created a more understated boot wrapped in curling black fur.

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TikTok plays a role in Moon Boots revival

But these celebrities aren't the tastemakers they're portrayed as; they're simply proof of mainstream acceptance.

Nowadays, the Moon Boot may be found on TikTok and Pinterest, where early adopters resurrected the shoe as part of the #russianbimbocore or #svetlanacore trend, posting flash photography of Slavic women standing in snowscapes clad in cream ushankas, and the moon boots.

The Moon Boot is now available in a plethora of colors, the most Y2K of which is a Swarovski-bedazzled design, which is sold for a whopping $3,808 (Rp 54.73 million)

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