In the era of the Great Awakening, individuals are more demanding to work in organizations where they feel respected and supported.


While the pandemic continues with the surge of the delta covid variant, there are no signs of the "great resignation". On the other hand, there is what is called the Great Awakening. Individuals are waking up to the realization that they deserve to be treated equally in an organization that respects and supports them. 

According to a study in the US, it is found that more than 19 million US workers—and counting—have quit their jobs since April 2021. Another study conducted in August, it is found that fifty percent of Americans anticipate and look for a new job over the next 12 months. Unexpectedly, the same is happening in Indonesia.

Companies continue to struggle to attain loyal talent because leaders do not understand the true reason why people are resigning. Many leaders are busy chasing equity, diversity, and inclusion goals. The cost is their energy and time as they feel restive. 

On the other hand, according to reports, the one key that can solve this is ensuring employees feel whether they belong in the organization. When employees quit, there is always something that can be reflected from it, including how have we been leading them.

To start it off with the questions, we formulated three to ask yourself. 

Are you consistently focused on building community?

A sense of community is a key to belonging and a key driver to retention. You should be consistent with all company and team gatherings to share updates and make employees feel like they are on a mission. It is all right to talk about the company's failure and struggles, on the contrary, you should celebrate big and small wins. 

Meanwhile, for new employees, ensure that they feel a connection to the company. You may pair them with current employees and encourage them to build work relationships. Help facilitate their introduction to the other employees. According to research, employees will likely stay in a job if they have a work buddy. 

How are you supporting colleagues during troubling moments impacting their communities?

Indonesia is prone to racism and religious bullying in workplaces. For that reason, as a leader in the company, you can offer access to one-on-one counseling sessions to those in need of particular troubling moments. You can also use third-party services or hire a company psychologist. Let them know that you care about their mental health being.

Do you check in consistently to see how people are doing?

Leaders must spend a dedicated weekly time to check in how their employees are doing. Aside from checking their progress, it is valuable that you try to connect with your employees. If you have a company with more than 50 employees and it seems impossible to have a connection session with them one-by-one, then an alternative is to gradually do it. 

Another better way is to hold a weekly small office event like gatherings. Finally, you can also ask employees why they stayed and what would make them leave once they feel comfortable. 

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