Limited edition watch from Purnell x Readymade collaboration with the most expensive price of $1.31M.


Purnell unveils three ultra-limited timepieces designed in partnership with Readymade, one of the hottest fashion labels. The brand name, Readymade, declares its opposition to ready-made products. This brand upcycles goods that are about to be destroyed and gives them a new lease on life.

Three rare models, each limited to five watches, pursue the world's first bicolor Spherion tourbillons in neon orange and lime green. The watches have a 48 mm case and come in three different materials. Carbon, WPM (White Purnell Microfiber), and Sapphire are all available in a 5-piece limited edition.

The strap is composed of actual historical military fabric from WWII in the United States. The Readymade Vision of Time is inspired by Thomas Edison quote which is etched on the right barrel: "Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose." The crown, case back ring, and strap buckle are all visible on the left barrel, as well as the Readymade logo.

The Differential System, which is the fastest Triple-Axis Tourbillon, completes a rotation in 8 seconds, while the inner cage takes 16 seconds and the secondary cage takes 30 seconds.

Purnell is now selling the Purnell x Readymade Escape II pieces for CHF 455,000 (about $487,900 USD), CHF 460,000 (approximately USD 493,000) for the WPM variant, and CHF 1.23M (approximately USD 1.31M) for the sapphire crystal form.

Purnell designs timepieces that are inspired by movement, performance, and mechanical prowess, taking the world of Haute Horlogerie into the future rather than the past. Purnell, which has been based in Geneva since 2020 and has headquarters in the heart of Rue du Rhône, continues to dazzle with its inimitable Spherion, the World's Fastest Triple-Axis Tourbillon, designed by watchmaking legend Eric Coudray. The brand creates intricate and captivating tourbillons that are entirely made in Switzerland. In 2021, the brand teamed together with France Football and the Ballon d'OrTM to launch a special movement designed by Eric Coudray. Purnell's basic values prioritize excellence and performance above everything else. 

Readymade, a Japanese company founded by Yuta Hosokawa in 2013, is noted for its handcrafted goods built from repurposed materials from vintage US army gear. Its trademark army green color may be found on renowned purses including travel bags and Birkin bags, as well as Frog-Man toys and clothes. Off-White, Chrome Hearts, and Fear of God are among the labels with which the brand has cooperated.

Hosokawa gives a new value to a salvage duffel bag or a tent to transmit his antiwar message to the world, a vision where conflict and dispute are unworthy, and his stand against mass production.

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