KitKat released a new vegan KitKat V (Vegan).


Now, KitKat is not always browny. Good news for vegan hype, this chocolate bar released a new vegan choco bar KitKat V (Vegan) in mid-June this year. But, unfortunately, this is not sold (yet) in Indonesia. However, you can buy it via shopping entrusted goods service (jastip) as it's still available in some countries in Europe, South America, and Australia. This product responds to new urban trends that seem to start addicted to something green and healthy. 

Seeing global warming is getting 'hot,’ people tend to live in sustainability where attitudes and preferences guide lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions. People are interested in exploring more plant-based foods across different categories.

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According to Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), the sustainability mindset is a way of thinking. It results from a broad understanding of the ecosystem’s manifestations and a reflective focus on the personal values and the higher self. The mindset finds its expression in actions for the greater good of the whole. The sustainability mindset is ultimately a lens through which we analyze and interpret information and make decisions.

Well, back to choco bar KitKat V, what's attractive about this brand new choco bar?

Certified by the Vegan Society 

The Vegan Society of Australia already proves the four-finger block of chocolate. It combines a crisp wafer and smooth chocolate blended with a rice-based milk alternative. 

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“We’re always looking for ways to make breaks meaningful for Aussies, so the team at KitKat is delighted to offer a delicious alternative for anyone looking to enjoy a plant-based break,” Nestle spokeswoman, Joyce Tan, said.

Available pre-order online now

We can buy it through pre-order. However, it can be bought directly in the local supermarket in Australia, Woolworths, at the end of this July. With vegan products in Australia outpacing the global trend, Nestle is helping people embrace more plant-based alternatives, with options across its wide range of food and beverages, including plant-based Nescafé Gold coffee mixes, plant-based MILO, and plant-based condensed milk alternatives.

Developed in the UK

Chocolate experts developed this choco bar KitKat V at Nestlé's confectionery research and development center in York, UK, the original home of KitKat. Combining Nestlé's expertise in chocolate innovation and non-dairy alternatives, they managed to blend the smooth chocolate with plant-based ingredients perfectly. That has resulted in a great-tasting, no-compromise vegan version of KitKat.

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Louise Barrett, Head of the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Center in York, says, "Our challenge when we set out to create a vegan-friendly KitKat was to recreate this iconic product using plant-based alternatives. To achieve this, we worked very hard to get the right balance between the milk alternative and the cocoa. The result is a vegan chocolate that we're very proud of, and I hope all KitKat fans will love it as much as we do."

Are you ready to take some bites?

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