Oma Elly is back with their renowned Italian dishes.


Oma Elly's private dining experience returns to the 56th floor of Regent Jakarta in Gatot Subroto, thrilling gourmands with a menu of daring Italian flavors and variations. 

Oma Elly had to temporarily shut down its dine-in kitchen and redirect its focus to online deliveries when the pandemic erupted. A year later, in October, the brand cautiously reintroduced reservation-only exclusive dining to the pleasure of expectant diners, a fine addition to Oma Elly's sophisticated but comfortable style of private dining just in time for the holidays.

From Tuesday to Sunday, the SCBD skyline replaces Oma Elly's signature open kitchen view; dining tables are more open and the design is more modern. Framed photographs taken by head chef and co-founder, Andry Susanto, of his vacations in Italy are hung on the wall to add a personal touch.

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Just when you think the new aesthetic will blend in with any other expensive restaurant in town, Chef Andry arrives with a seasonal six-course menu and à la carte selections after extensive experiments, serving as a reminder of what matters most at Oma Elly.

The dishes feature classic ingredients and Italian flavors, paired with a variety of wine and spirits. The wood-fired and covered in an orange-colored creamy sauce Scallop on a Shell with Black Beans is one of his personal favorite, created in a Mibrasa oven.

Moreover, all pasta in Oma Elly's Kitchen, from lasagna to spaghetti, is cooked from scratch by Chef Andry, who has been learning to make his own pasta since the age of seven. As a result, it has a more homey taste. All of the fundamental ingredients are hand-picked to ensure that the highest quality is preserved. 

The 6-course menu is priced at Rp850,000, according to the menu list on Oma Elly's website, and the entire private dining event can last up to two hours. Customers must pay the full price upfront to reserve their seats at the restaurant, with beverages and other a la carte goods that will be charged on the spot if you decided to order.

Dinner is served from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and all customers must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to be allowed to enter the restaurant.

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The story of Grandma Elly

Although the restaurant has become a key player in Indonesian Italian food in latest years, few people are aware of the woman who influenced the brand's conception.

"Oma Elly" or Grandma Elly was an Italian woman who married an Indonesian guy in the 1950s and settled in the country, according to the story. Her love of cooking was passed down to her children and grandkids.

This is probably what makes Oma Elly's restaurant looks comfortable because it has been her goal to have a place to genuinely enjoy and share the food people are eating while leaving behind some precious memories there.

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Those who have dined at Oma Elly's private dining in Setiabudi are well aware of the restaurant's quirks, which range from its unique location in a gloomy building that doesn't scream good Italian dining to the exposed kitchen with its theatrics visible to guests 24 hours a day. Despite this, Oma Elly was distinguished by the enthusiasm and intimacy of the eating experience.

It is safe to say that Oma Elly restaurant is more of a comfortable place rather than an intimidating formal restaurant even though they are considered fine dining. People don't really dress to impress but they'll just do a decent look. 

Chef Andry also approaches the guests from time to time just to chat with them and ask their opinion on his food. This small gesture will definitely make you feel very welcome.

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