In the world of K-dramas, Netflix fans are in for a mix of emotions as the streaming giant prepares to bid farewell to several beloved Originals in 2023.


At least three K-drama movies and TV shows are set to depart the platform, leaving fans disappointed. However, there's good news too, as some fan-favorite series will continue to grace the screens.

The departure of these Originals has raised questions about Netflix's content categorization, as the term "Original" can be misleading. In the case of many K-dramas, especially those released weekly, they are internationally licensed, meaning Netflix is not the producer but holds exclusive distribution rights outside of South Korea. Despite this, these K-dramas are still marketed as "Netflix Originals."

The reason behind their exit is the limited streaming rights Netflix acquired, which typically last between five to ten years, depending on the deal.

Let's take a look at the K-dramas that will remain on Netflix:

1. Prison Playbook: This gripping series follows a star pitcher's journey as he lands in prison just before his major league baseball debut. Currently ranked 24th in the list of highest-rated cable dramas of all time, Prison Playbook has garnered immense popularity among K-drama fans. Luckily, it has been renewed and will be available until February 2025.

2. A Korean Odyssey: This Korean spin-off of the classic Chinese story "Journey to the West" captured the hearts of Netflix subscribers early on. The mystical tale of a self-serving creature's quest for invincibility takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a woman with the ability to see otherworldly beings. Fans can continue enjoying this series until March 2025.

3. Live: Set in South Korea's busiest patrol division, Live delves into the challenging lives of police officers who strive to maintain law and peace. Thanks to Netflix's fruitful relationship with Studio Dragon, the production studio behind Live, this riveting police drama has been renewed and will be available for another three years until 2026.

However, not all K-dramas have secured their spots in the Netflix library, and some will bid farewell to the platform this year:

1. Bad Guys: Vile City: Follow the story of a prosecutor who assembles a team of questionable men to bring down a villainous business leader controlling the city. This thrilling series will be leaving in March 2023, making it a must-watch for K-drama enthusiasts.

2. Wolf Brigade: One of the earliest internationally licensed Korean films on Netflix, Wolf Brigade will depart soon. The film's aesthetic, reminiscent of the popular video game franchise Wolfenstein, has captivated audiences, making its exit bittersweet.

3. Hymn of Death: A period drama set during the Japanese colonial period, Hymn of Death revolves around the love story of married playwright Kim U-jin and soprano Yun Sim-deok, a prominent figure of Korea's New Women. Fans can catch this historical gem before it leaves the platform.

While some of these K-dramas may be bidding farewell, Netflix has no shortage of engaging content to keep viewers entertained. With an eye on the future, fans eagerly await new offerings and potential revivals. As Netflix's K-drama library evolves, audiences can expect more captivating stories and memorable moments in the world of Korean entertainment.

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