Sufintri Rahayu, The Corporate Affairs Director of Nestle Indonesia and advisor of shares her leadership perspective on Gen Z in today’s corporate organizations.


The number of employees from different generations at work is increasing. From Baby Boomers who have been working for a long time to fresh-faced Generation Z-ers, they are connected. The workforce is becoming more diverse in terms of age. This becomes the main challenge for companies as they need to grow and learn from each other and strive to make great work.

We are happy to have the opportunity to speak with Sufintri Rahayu (we called her Fifin), Corporate Affairs Director of Nestle Indonesia, also advisory of who has been in the corporate world and on the executive board for over 20 years.

Photo Courtesy of Sufintri Rahayu


Fifin is well-versed in how to manage generational diversity in the workplace. She says that the involvement of gen Z in the workplace will greatly benefit the organization if we can direct them properly. She recently shared some of her insights with The S Media.

How do you see Gen Z employees affecting the corporate environment in the future?

I think we are now living in their generation, so we need to adjust to the current condition, including the environment. 

I also believe that Gen Z employees will give added value to the growth and environment of corporate, as they can respond and understand the market better to an increasingly younger customers base, and also they can be more efficient in work and thought processes in the workplace. Most human resources departments have adjusted themselves to these needs. 

Gen Zs may be different from millennials, but they share some common traits too. To attract and retain Gen Z talent, companies must be receptive to their needs and be more forward-thinking in their approach. If Gen Z can identify with your company’s values, you’ll have a dedicated and talented team on your hands to help you succeed.

Hence, keep Generation Z's characteristics and work ethics in mind and create a happy workforce.

Is it difficult to work with employees of the younger generation today as it is said that they have strong beliefs that make it hard to manage?

All depends on the leader in question; the younger generation may have a preconceived skeptical view of the older generation of managers, and it's their task to prove otherwise and understand their younger employees better

 As a leader, what good things do you see in today's young employees?

Gen Z are entering the workforce with an incredible knowledge of technology. Not only are they experts in social media, but they also are comfortable with high-level programs that are crucial at any workplace.

A study by Forbes has identified that Gen Z and the following generation is less materialistic and give more weightage to mental health. They are also motivated by flexible work hours, financial stability, independence to work, supportive manager inclusivity, green Initiatives, work-life balance, and authenticity

How to talk to the young generation in the workplace?

Straightforward and to the point, while respecting or taking their opinions and beliefs into consideration.

What kind of problems that millennials have in the workplace?

Graduating to a COVID-professional world means a favorableness towards workplaces that support mental health, work-life balance and flexibility, for instance, remote working.

How do you see husting culture in the young generation today?

Some of GenZ still glorify hustle culture - working long hours until late as their way to seek validation from friends and families, especially through social media. A global survey has found that Gen Z is a self-proclaimed hard-working generation, with 32% of respondents saying that they are the hardest working in their lineage. 

Has working with the young generation given you valuable lessons instead?

Aside from making me always feel young and dynamic, the young generation give me so many valuable lessons, including becoming a better person and leader every day.

I learned to become a leader doesn’t mean we need to make everybody happy, but always try to be the right leader instead of a good boss. Sometimes we need to take “hard decisions” to fix the organization. And rest assured, all is for the benefit of making the organization better and growing.

For the young people who are working in the professional world now, do you have any advice for them?

Yes, for Gen Z, the advice will be to keep learning and enjoy the process.


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