N4XT Experiences has acquired the rights to hold the LA Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 season.


The Los Angeles Fashion Week, which is the Official Fashion Week in Los Angeles, returns on April 1, 2022, under the supervision of N4XT Experiences. With a focus on emerging and established brands, the event will help elevate LA's status as a fashion hub.

The biannual fashion week was created as a West Coast alternative to New York Fashion Week. Originally dubbed as Press Week, it was created by Eleanor Lambert in 1953. Previous events have featured collaborations with world-class designers such as Oliver Tolentino, Issue Thailand, Nicholas Mayfield, and Laura Theiss.

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Meanwhile, N4XT is a live events platform founded in 2022 by a group of seasoned industry executives, including Ciarra Pardo, who formerly headed up the creative department of Fenty. President and co-founder of Spring Place Imad Izemrane, fashion veteran Marcus Ticotin, finance veterans Keith Abell and Jackie Trebilcock are also involved in establishing N4XT's global success.

N4XT has successfully managed global successes in the fashion & beauty industry, such as launching Savage Fenty, producing live events, and building various industry-specific platforms.

2022 Los Angeles Fashion Week's bars are high

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In a statement, the company stated that it would help LAFW's visibility and create a powerhouse hub for established and emerging brands.

Arthur Chipman, CEO of LAFW, believes that the event will become a major global fashion week. "With the N4XT Experiences team behind us, we believe LAFW is poised to become a major global fashion week, as Los Angeles continues its evolution into a fashion powerhouse," he said.

With the help of new sponsors and celebrities, LAFW will be able to accelerate its growth and become a force for positive change in the fashion industry.

"Building on the phenomenal pioneering work Arthur has done in creating LAFW in its current form, N4XT Experiences is excited to dramatically accelerate growth by introducing new sponsors, designers and celebrities to the experience," Izemrane stated.

"Most importantly, we are committed to making LAFW a force for advancing awareness and solutions to the critical issue of sustainability in fashion production, design and technology," his statement continued.

With the convergence of fashion, celebrity, and entertainment, LAFW is definitely in a great position to become a global fashion week.

"LA is the epicenter of entertainment in the world. With the convergence of fashion, entertainment and celebrity, LAFW is perfectly positioned to emerge as a fashion week with global prominence," said Pardo.

The LAFW Fall/Winter 2022 season will take place from April to May at the Spring Place Beverly Hills and the Petersen Automotive Museum. The event will feature a variety of designers, including those from New York and LA.


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