To pay homage to Real Madrid and its stadium anniversary, LEGO launched a new Santiago Bernabéu set


Real Madrid C.F. will be having its 120th anniversary on Sunday, March 6, 2022. On the same day, its stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu, is celebrating its 75th. The stadium was built in 1947, and it has been graced by the presence of football legends, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.

Being one of the biggest clubs in football history, with its stadium being one of the most iconic, it is no wonder that many are jumping on the celebration wagon. LEGO, the toy manufacturer titan, happens to be one of them.

LEGO’s Bernabéu model
LEGO has been selling the replica of the Los Blancos home ground Santiago Bernabéu since March 1, 2022. It has 5,876 pieces and comes with a lift-off roof feature. The replica can also be split in half. That way, you can really appreciate and pay close attention to the details, like the emblematic four towers on the corners of the stadium, the dugout, the tunnels, the grass pattern and the stairwells.

Milan Madge, Designer at the LEGO Group, said in a statement: "Real Madrid is one of the most remarkable football clubs in history — which is why recreating the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in LEGO brick form was such an incredibly rewarding experience. Authenticity and sense of scale are key factors in this recreation, so that builders can truly feel the atmosphere of this dazzling and vast stadium. This set allows builders to bring the much-loved homebase of Real Madrid into their own home for years to come."

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Dimensions and price
When fully built, the Santiago Bernabéu from LEGO is 44 centimeters wide, 14 centimeters tall and 38 centimeters deep. Due to its complexity, LEGO suggests that this set is more suitable for adult collectors.

The model is already on sale in the LEGO store's online shop. It is also available in LEGO stores in the UK and Real Madrid stores for £309.99 (Rp 5.92 million). Seeing its popularity, LEGO has limited the purchase of the items to two for each customer.

If you are a fan of other clubs, LEGO had also previously built the models of Barcelona's Camp Nou (LEGO 10284) and Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium (LEGO 10272). However, LEGO says that these pieces are rare gems to find.

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