Meet Mybamus, one of Lazada Amanah's success stories


Based on data from the World Population Review 2021, Indonesia is home to 229 million Muslims, which accounts for 87.2 percent of its total population. The figure shows the true potential of the nation's halal economy and how it can become a significant contributor to the country's revenue.

The Lazada Amanah channel, launched in April 2021, aims to become a go-to platform for Muslims to shop online to fulfill various needs, including casual clothes for daily activities. This channel has also contributed to the success of many of its associated sellers.

Lazada Amanah makes it easy to find Halal and Shariah-compliant products, from clothing and accessories to health and beauty products, also food and beverage, so that they may reach the right target market.

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One of the sellers who grew and developed with Lazada Amanah is Mybamus, a fashion brand at Lazada Amanah, known for its wide selection of modern-style Muslim clothes at affordable prices.

Mybamus' success story at Lazada Amanah cannot be separated from the tenacity of Selviana Yuswanto or Selvi. She began her business venture in ethnic fashion, prevalent in 2011. Her business grew with the increasing demand from customers for Muslim clothes and accessories, as well as modest wear like long tunics and pashminas.

Realizing the immense potential of the market, Selvi finally decided to focus on producing Muslim clothes, and Mybamus was born.

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Previously sold solely through social media platforms, Selvi and Mybamus's journey entered a new era when they joined Lazada in 2018. Although they did not understand the features in e-commerce at first, Selvi determined to learn and use the various existing features and continue to learn through training programs, such as Lazada University.

Seeing how the Lazada Community is very supportive of its members, Selvi immediately joined brainstorming sessions with other sellers. Then, Selvi learned how to operate the Business Analyst and Leak Opportunity features in Lazada Seller Center, which are especially useful for developing the right business strategy. Thanks to Selvi's tenacity and passion for learning, Mybamus is growing fast.

"Since joining Lazada and applying the knowledge that I gained, Mybamus has grown rapidly. Lazada has many training programs that help sellers improve their digital marketing and take full advantage of existing features optimally. Like the Business Analyst feature which provides data related to sales of each product, so I can create the right business strategy for Mybamus," said Silvi.

Currently, Mybamus has 150 employees and accepts hundreds of orders every day. In the peak season, Mybamus can multiply its sales several times over. For example, in the last 11.11 campaign, Mybamus noted an increase of more than 300 percent compared to regular days.

Lazada Amanah provides an opportunity for Mybamus to reach the right target customers every day. According to Selvi, the platform has made it easier for sellers to reach customers specifically looking for Halal and Shariah-compliant goods, including Muslim clothes.

"When Mybamus started at the beginning, Muslim clothing brands in Indonesia were still limited in number. But now, it seems like a new brand is born every day," said Selvi.

"Muslim fashion is growing rapidly. In the past, Muslim fashion is very identic with long tunics. But now, many Muslim youths are more open when it comes to options, which is a challenge [for the industry] to provide products that are in line with market developments."

Mybamus currently focuses on providing casual clothes with comfortable materials for everyday wear. Following market demand, it also provides a choice of formal and luxury fashion when holidays such as Lebaran approach.


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