Diplomatic Elegance and Cultural Fusion Illuminate Jakarta's Grand Europe Day Reception


The opulent Grand Ballroom of Hotel Ayana Midplaza Jakarta was abuzz with celebration on the evening of May 15, 2024, as diplomats, officials, and guests gathered for the Europe Day Reception. This grand event marked a significant day in the calendar, celebrating the deep-rooted relationship between the European Union (EU) and Indonesia, and coinciding with the EU elections, where citizens across Europe exercised their democratic rights.

The night commenced with an address from Ambassador of the EU to Indonesia and Brunei, Denis Chaibi. Against a backdrop of elegant décor and a convivial atmosphere, Ambassador Chaibi spoke passionately about the EU-Indonesia relationship. He emphasized the importance of unity in facing global challenges and the role of multilateralism in fostering peace and cooperation. "This evening is a testament to our shared commitment to creating a better world for our citizens," he said.

The festivities continued with remarks from Indonesia's Minister Hadi Cahyanto, who praised the five-decade-long partnership between Indonesia and the EU. His speech highlighted how this enduring relationship has contributed to regional peace and stability. "Tonight, we celebrate not just our history, but our future," Minister Cahyanto declared, toasting to the continued harmony and collaboration between the two regions.

Adding a personal touch to the evening, Ambassador of the EU to ASEAN, Sujiro Seam, spoke of his Cambodian heritage and expressed heartfelt thanks to both his European and Asian families present. He acknowledged the significance of the 74th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the strategic partnership between the EU and ASEAN. "This gathering is a symbol of our collective strength and unity," Ambassador Seam noted, his words resonating with the festive spirit in the room.

Sunita Lukkhoo, Head of Regional Representation for Southeast Asia and the Pacific at the European Investment Bank (EIB), also addressed the guests. She celebrated the dynamic partnership between the EIB and Indonesia, emphasizing collaborative efforts in green initiatives and sustainable development. "Our shared goals in renewable energy and urban development are key to our prosperous future," Lukkhoo said, highlighting the importance of continued cooperation.

The evening was not just about speeches; it was a vibrant celebration filled with cultural performances, exquisite cuisine, and networking opportunities. Guests enjoyed a delightful array of European and Indonesian delicacies, symbolizing the culinary harmony between the two regions. The room was filled with lively conversation, laughter, and the clinking of glasses, as attendees from various backgrounds celebrated their shared values and goals.

As the night progressed, cultural performances added to the festive ambiance. Traditional dances from both Europe and Indonesia captivated the audience, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and mutual respect between the regions. The music and dance created a lively, celebratory mood, emphasizing the joy of unity and collaboration.

The Europe Day Reception at Hotel Ayana Midplaza Jakarta was a memorable event, highlighting the power of diplomacy, culture, and shared values in bringing people together. As the evening drew to a close, guests left with a renewed sense of commitment to the strong and vibrant partnership between the EU and Indonesia, looking forward to many more such celebrations in the future.

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