Good Design Indonesia 2022 encourages Indonesian designers to boost the quality of their designs.


The Ministry of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi, encouraged Indonesia's designers to enroll in Good Design Indonesia 2022 during a familiarization session of the program held on Thursday, February 17, in Bandung, West Java.

Muhammad Lutfi clarified the role of GDI in the government's efforts to maintain the increase of non-oil and gas exports momentum, and he further explained how designs development is closely connected to trade and national economic recovery.

"[With] quality designs, a product and service will have added value and high commercial value in the domestic and international market," said the minister.

At the same event, Director General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade Didi Sumedi explained they would continue to maintain their part in curating local products to increase the global market interest in line with the design trends in GDI's sixth year. In addition, they also expect local products to have added value in attracting buyers' appeal for these purposes.

"One way for buyers to choose the goods and services offered is to consider the added value that gives more advantages and benefits to its users. These value-added products and services that have won the GDI award are what we prioritize to promote to potential buyers in Indonesia's trading partner countries," said Didi.

Furthermore, GDI's judge representative, Mira Prihatini, appreciates the Ministry of Trade's expansion of the GDI product categories. The Indonesian Interior Designer Association member spoke on how this move helps design industries develop their economic role for entrepreneurs, crafters, designers, and local communities.

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An abundance of prospects
At the beginning of 2022, Indonesia's non-oil and gas export transactions were recorded at $18.26 billion (Rp 261.79 billion) in January 2022, an increase of 26.74 percent compared to the same period last year. In 2021, the Central Statistics Agency recorded a total of $219.25 billion (Rp 3.1 trillion), or an increase of 41.50 percent on Indonesia's non-oil gas exports, compared to 2020, valued at $154.94 billion (Rp 2.21 trillion).

Architectural design and building constructions, building material designs, public space facilities, home decorations, furniture, footwear, vehicles, community activity design, online applications, household and gardening appliances are among the product categories of GDI 2022.

Good Design Indonesia works as a platform for designers and buyers of different streams of industries to converge. To register your designs or to know more about the categories, visit i The Good Design Indonesia 2022 registry has opened from January 20, 2022, to March 31, 2022.

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