GIPA and HII Lead Startup Diplomacy Discourse at Global Human Capital Summit 2023


In an effort to bolster Indonesia's innovation ecosystem and accelerate the growth of its human capital, the Global Innovation and Policy Alliance (GIPA) and the Habibie Innovation Incubator (HII) jointly hosted a groundbreaking workshop on "Startup Diplomacy: Indonesia's Innovation Ecosystem" at the prestigious Global Human Capital (GHC) Summit 2023, held at The Westin Jakarta.

Aligned with Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship 2023, the GHC Summit drew together an impressive assembly of over 800 in-person attendees comprising global business magnates, senior government envoys, and leaders of Indonesian professional networks overseas. The objective was to fast-track the country's aspiration to double its digital, green, and health talents.

The summit witnessed a range of insightful discussions and workshops, including the noteworthy breakout session, "Startup Diplomacy: Indonesia’s Innovation Ecosystem". Facilitated by GIPA in collaboration with HII, this workshop convened in The Westin's Denpasar Room and attracted more than 40 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The mission was to expedite private sector involvement, specifically within the startup sphere, in harnessing human capital for driving innovation and fostering market growth.

Esteemed figures such as Ilham Habibie, Co-founder and Advisor to HII; Daniel Tumewu, Co-founder and CEO of HII; and Dinye Hernanda, Head of Professional Development at GIPA, spearheaded the workshop. Ilham Habibie eloquently emphasized the potential of tapping into the diaspora's skills, knowledge, and experiences to significantly contribute to Indonesia's growth trajectory. Harnessing the vast expertise and global perspectives of Indonesians residing abroad can invigorate innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship within the nation.

The dynamic discourse led by Daniel Tumewu and Dinye Hernanda underscored the importance of synergizing efforts between the public and private sectors to foster human capital development. This entailed engaging participants in three interactive exercises aimed at stimulating innovative thinking. The first exercise juxtaposed Indonesia's current state with the thriving startup and innovation landscapes of developed nations, pinpointing areas ripe for enhancement. The second exercise delved into strategies to attract high-caliber entrepreneurs to Indonesia, exploring skill development and policy reform. Lastly, participants brainstormed strategies to bridge gaps through specialized programs, effective training, and knowledge exchange. Collectively, these exercises illuminated the potential of collaborative action in propelling human capital growth and innovation within Indonesia.

As the workshop reached its culmination, it reverberated with a resounding message of unity, collaboration, and the power to transform Indonesia's innovation landscape through harmonious endeavors. HII expressed enthusiasm for being a part of GHC Summit 2023, hosted by GIPA, and lauded the opportunity to share its wealth of expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship during the workshop sessions.

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