View the Harry Darsono Museum's beautiful gowns and jewelry collection.


Museums are one of the locations where people can go and have fun and learn new things. In accordance with its mission, the museum is a public venue that protects cultural heritage objects, develops knowledge for the community, and delivers messages through a series of displays and exhibition spaces.

A museum's existence is vital in managing historical items as well as natural and environmental assets that have historical, scientific, religious, cultural, technological, or tourism values that need to be transferred to the general public.

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There are also museums dedicated to archeology, ethnology, history, biography, military and war, and art and culture. The museum's activities are designed to appeal to kids and adults alike and backgrounds.

Many museums across the world present something more fun than serious themes. The Harry Darsono Museum in Indonesia, for example, focuses on fashion and shows how the story of the country's most famous fashion designer reached the international scene.

What's inside the Harry Darsono Museum?

The Harry Darsono Museum was established in 1996, and it had been the fashion designer's childhood dream. He intended to build a museum with a collection of his personal designs, such as apparel, accessories, jewelry, and interior decorations, so that the complete collection could be neatly and tastefully displayed.

The Harry Darsono Museum is located in South Jakarta's Cilandak district, directly behind the Cilandak Town Square shopping mall. The museum's 800 square meter structure is created in the baroque style, typical of European castles.

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Inside the museum, visitors can view 4,616 pieces by Harry Darsono that have been amassed over the course of 30 years. This museum displays a variety of clothing models, tiaras, jewelry, hats, paintings on silk, weaving and needlework, statues, chairs, pianos, and tea sets.

Visitors can see his works, including art to wear collections and current theatrical costumes, developed since 1970. The three crowns of Princess Diana are one of the finest and most expensive items on display in one part of this museum.

Harry's name is well-known globally, and he has made gowns for celebrities and aristocracy in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. He has devised stage attire for the opera as well. Several productions of "Julius Caesar", "Madame Butterfly", "Hamlet", "Othello", "King Lear", and "Romeo and Juliet" have used his work.

Harry Darsono's career 

Among Indonesian fashionistas, Harry Darsono is undoubtedly a household name. He is a veteran fashion designer with over 50 years of experience. Harry is not just a designer but also an artist, psychotherapist, and educator.

Harry is the son of the founder of East Java's largest cigarette firm. He chose to be a designer rather than work in his father's company like his brother. Owing to his expertise and influence, he is credited with popularizing the term "haute couture" in the country in the 1970s.

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The Mojokerto, East Java, native studied at the Paris Academy of Fashion, Fashion Merchandising & Clothing Technology at the London College of Fashion, and Humanistic Philosophy in Psychology at Christchurch College, Oxford, England.

He has worked as a fashion consultant and designer, as well as a lecturer at the Paris Academy of Fashion, teaching Muslim fashion ethics and aesthetics.

Harry focuses on haute couture design, a high-level fashion technique, in his work. This technique also ensures that the best quality materials are used, that the design is detailed, that it is done by hand with sufficient time.

Aside from Harry's private museum, many fashion galleries have featured Harry's works, including those in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, as well as Australia, Japan, England, and Canada.






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