The knowledgeable folks at Bounce, masters of travel and storage of luggage, have generously imparted their expert advice to guide you in organizing your upcoming voyage on the high seas.


As 2023 cruises experience record demand, you may want to consider booking early to secure the best deal for your trip. Nevertheless, choosing the right cruise, whether it is an ocean voyage through the Caribbean or a river cruise down the Danube, can be daunting. Fortunately, Bounce, the travel and luggage storage experts, have shared their top tips to help you plan your next cruise. Cody Candee, CEO, and Founder of Bounce suggest the following:

Determine what you want from your cruise

With numerous cruise destinations available worldwide, it may be challenging to select the right one for you. From the Bahamas to Barcelona, and Miami to Marseille, the options are limitless. Take your time to consider what kind of experience you want. Do you desire a family cruise filled with exciting activities such as waterslides and sporting events, or a more laid-back voyage with historical landmarks and learning opportunities?

Find inspiration from TikTok

Social media platforms such as TikTok are fantastic free resources for holiday inspiration. Cruise-related content on TikTok is more popular than ever, with 5.7 billion views for videos with the hashtag ‘cruise,' and 5.2 million views for ‘cruise holiday.' TikTok accounts such as @smartcruiser regularly post cruise reviews and inspiration, making your booking process a little easier.

Determine your ideal dates and trip duration

Deciding the perfect length for your cruise can help narrow down your cruise line choices. Consider the number of destinations you would like to visit during your sailing. Short sailings may only include one or two ports, while longer ones can have significantly more. The time of year you choose to travel is also a critical factor to consider. Typically, seasonality affects cruise prices. For instance, off-season months such as January or February may be considerably cheaper than peak season months like December to April for Caribbean cruises.

Keep your budget in mind

It is easy to be lured by a seemingly great deal on a cruise, but have you considered the additional costs you may incur during your trip? One of the primary advantages of a cruise is that most of your daily expenses are already accounted for. However, it is essential to check what is included in your package and budget for any additional expenses such as excursions, dining options, and souvenirs. Make sure to consider each expense to ensure it aligns with your budget.

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