Discover Eco-Luxury Paradise: Nikoi and Cempedak Islands Await Indonesian Residents


Nikoi and Cempedak Islands, nestled in the serene waters off Bintan's east coast, have unveiled enticing new packages designed exclusively for Indonesian residents. These two private paradises, celebrated for their commitment to sustainable tourism and luxurious experiences, promise unforgettable getaways steeped in natural beauty and tranquility.

Indulgent Experiences in Eco-Luxury

Cempedak Island, spanning 17 hectares and reserved exclusively for adults, beckons with its eco-conscious architecture and peaceful atmosphere. Guests are treated to expansive bamboo villas, wellness retreats, and exquisite dining options amidst lush surroundings. Ideal for romantic retreats, Cempedak offers a secluded haven where couples can unwind and reconnect amid stunning natural landscapes.

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Meanwhile, Nikoi Island, established over 15 years ago, retains its pristine allure across its 15-hectare expanse. Designed with families in mind, Nikoi features charming beach houses crafted from driftwood and 'alang alang' roofing, blending seamlessly into the island's environment. Here, adventure and relaxation converge with a plethora of activities ranging from thrilling water sports to serene spa days, ensuring every member of the family finds their bliss.

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Committed to Sustainability

Both islands are dedicated to sustainable practices, from eco-friendly designs that eschew air-conditioning to fixed menus reducing food waste. They also contribute positively to local communities through various foundations and prioritize renewable energy sources and water recycling—a testament to their eco-friendly ethos.

Convenient Access

For Indonesian residents seeking an escape from urban life, reaching these idyllic islands is seamless. Direct flights from Jakarta to Bintan, followed by a straightforward transfer, lead to a scenic boat journey to Nikoi or Cempedak—offering the perfect balance of accessibility and seclusion.

Exclusive Packages for Residents

To celebrate their unique offerings, Nikoi and Cempedak Islands present exclusive packages tailored for Indonesian residents. The Cempedak Island package invites couples to enjoy a romantic three-night stay at a significant discount, complete with luxurious accommodations, daily meals, and special experiences like a candlelit dinner under the stars and a Balinese massage.

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Families are not left out, as Nikoi Island welcomes them with a family-friendly package featuring spacious beach houses, island activities, and memorable dining experiences—all at an attractive discount. These packages, available for bookings until August 31, 2024, ensure that residents can create lasting memories in these pristine settings until December 19, 2024.

How to Book

Residents keen on experiencing these exclusive offers can secure their bookings by contacting the islands' reservation teams directly. Full payment is required upon confirmation, with flexible cancellation policies ensuring peace of mind for travelers.

For those yearning for a luxurious escape within Indonesia, Nikoi and Cempedak Islands beckon with their unparalleled blend of natural beauty, sustainable luxury, and personalized hospitality. Whether seeking romance or family bonding, these islands promise an unforgettable retreat amidst Indonesia's stunning archipelago.

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