Diplomats and Officials Highlight Longstanding Partnership and Shared Values


On Wednesday, May 15, Ambassador of the EU to Indonesia and Brunei, Dennis Chaibi, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the potential and importance of the EU-Indonesia relationship for a prestigious Europe Day Reception. This annual event celebrated the longstanding partnership and shared values between the European Union (EU) and Indonesia, while also marking the democratic spirit with citizens across Europe casting their votes on the same day. He highlighted the necessity of mitigating risks of polarization and great power rivalry through strong support for multilateralism. "Multilateralism is a crucial tool for peace," said Ambassador Chaibi. "It helps us discover solutions that work for our citizens and fosters a collaborative international environment."

In the same event, Minister Hadi Cahyanto reflected on the robust partnership between Indonesia and the EU, which has spanned over fifty years. He stressed that this enduring cooperation has fostered peace, unity, and harmonious coexistence. "Our long history of collaboration demonstrates the strength and resilience of our partnership," Minister Cahyanto remarked. "Together, we create an environment where peace and cooperation can flourish."

Ambassador of the EU to ASEAN, Sujiro Seam, shared personal reflections on his Cambodian heritage and expressed gratitude towards both his European and Asian families. He noted the dual significance of the event: celebrating the 74th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundation for the EU on May 9, 1950, and acknowledging the strategic partnership between the EU and ASEAN. "This event is a testament to our belief that we are stronger together," Ambassador Seam stated. "We look forward to many more successes in our shared future."

Sunita Lukkhoo, Head of Regional Representation for Southeast Asia and the Pacific at the European Investment Bank (EIB), also spoke at the reception. She underscored the importance of unity and the strong partnership between the EIB and Indonesia. "We celebrate not only the spirit of unity but also the practical cooperation in areas such as renewable energy, sustainable urban development, and digitalization," Lukkhoo said. "Our collective efforts require collective action. By building bridges of opportunity, prosperity, and understanding, we can achieve success together."

The Europe Day Reception in Jakarta was a resounding success, underscoring the commitment of the EU and Indonesia to a strong and cooperative partnership. As attendees celebrated democracy and multilateralism, the event served as a reminder of the shared values and goals that unite nations across continents.

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