Melia Bali offers a golf simulator for golf enthusiasts while on vacation and enjoying the beaches of Nusa Dua.


Golf is one of the popular sports that attracts both men and women. The presence of a golf range allows fans to simply practice their swings or become their own recreational arena.

For those who want to start pursuing golf, coming to the nearest golf range or practice site can be the first step. We have collected some tips for beginners in the golf world to encourage better play.



Like other sports, playing golf also requires patience. Step by step must be passed so that your stroke is perfect. Both young and old must start by practising hitting the ball.

Go to the driving range

As a first step, you can go directly to the driving range to practice hitting the ball. If necessary, you can also look for a trainer for beginners to make your practice more effective and correct.

Practice at the driving range is important because you will learn how to hit the ball and how to hit the ball. You can go straight to the actual field when you are sure of the technique and hit the ball.


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Club set

If you can hit the ball properly, you may consider buying a club set (1 set of complete golf sticks). It's okay to have a new stick if you really have excess money. As a beginner, it's best to use a used stick because it's a shame to use a new one.

Other types of equipment

Don't forget to equip yourself with supporting gear such as special golf shoes, hats, golf gloves or gloves, small towels, golf polo t-shirts, and hats.

Mentally ready

The sport of golf requires sufficient mental readiness in practice. At the driving range, there will be many people practising just like you. Some are really serious about practising, just having fun in their spare time, or just looking around.

Stay focused on learning to play golf. Don't be afraid and nervous about hitting the ball. Concentrate on the position of the ball, posture and of course, the swing.

Hit away

Keep the desire to hit far. Don't look at the results first, but try to pay attention to the process. Has the ball been hit perpendicular to the club surface? Is our backswing too upright or too flat?

The position of the stick during the backswing will determine our downswing. Then pay attention to whether the position of the surface of the club is perpendicular to the surface of the ball?

Use the ball as needed

Practising at the driving range is indeed a lot of cost and energy. Call it like the cost of renting a ball and tips using caddy services. The more balls used, the higher the cost required. It's the same if you don't use a caddy; you have to spend a lot of energy positioning the ball on the tee.

Use the ball as needed; it's better to be diligent in analyzing and evaluating every time you hit a few balls.

Golf simulator

If you want to experience a different sensation of learning golf, you can also come to a place that provides a golf simulator.


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For this, Melia Bali offers something different and can be enjoyed while on vacation in Bali.

Plan your multi-day Golf Getaway or take a quick one-hour Golf Break at Melia Bali, an idyllic five-star Balinese beachside sanctuary and home to the first golf simulator in the prestigious Nusa Dua resort enclave.


Enjoying golf practice in Melia Bali

Melia Bali is inviting avid golfers to enjoy the latest high-technology golf simulator in the comfort of a deluxe private room accompanied by refreshing beer, a selection of wines and a tempting food menu. With a personal coach available, this is the perfect way to test and improve your skills alone or challenge yourself as you play with a group of up to five friends.

The golf simulator can be hired for an hour. However, the resort has golf simulator room packages available to make the most of this new experience, including stays in one of the resort's exclusive villas, which includes complimentary 1-hour access to the golf simulator and daily breakfast. For guests who would like to enjoy the day at leisure, Melia Bali also offers a Day pass to experience all the resort facilities.

The resort offers an All-Inclusive Package concept served by five restaurants, three bars and a coffee shop, all curated by the talented culinary team. At the same time, The Level provides further exclusivity with a concierge service, exclusive beach and pool area, upgraded amenities and a private lounge serving courtesy tea-time and evening cocktails.

Guests staying at Melia Bali also benefit from special golfing privileges at the neighbouring Bali National Golf Club, a world-class course with three different playing environments over the 18-hole course.

Melia Bali's Golf Getaway, with the use of the golf simulator, is the perfect choice for golf lovers seeking an indulgent experience. Reserve the golf simulator for Rp 250,000 net per hour with a 1-day advance booking required or contact us about the various room packages.


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