Ladycat promises a merge between mental health and fashion at the upcoming NYFW.


Alexandra Nyman of LadyCat was inspired by her brother's struggle with Bipolar Disorder to initiate Break Free. The show aims to merge the conversation of mental health and recovery with fashion.

LadyCat's Break Free is described as an immersive runway experience of art, design, and fashion dedicated to raising awareness around mental health and addiction.

Nyman will be sharing this runway show with a cause with five other extraordinary designers: Zephyr, Jacqueline City Apparel, Love Disorder, Wu-Sah, and Adorn Your Clothes.

A portion of the proceeds from this showcase will go to the nonprofit organization 10,000 Beds, founded by Jean Krisle. Krisle has worked within the recovery community to develop long-standing relationships with donors and leaders from across the world.

Like Nyman's first premiere collection showcase, Therapy, Break Free has garnered the support of many influencers, including YouTuber Gabi DeMartino, breast cancer survivor Christine Handy, and sober model Jenn Ancelin.

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The designers
Zephyr is spearheaded by Kelsey, a proudly queer, disabled designer who creates magic in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past year, she's focused full-time on healing from PTSD, including discovering and understanding her dissociative disorder.

The showcase will also feature Jacqueline City, a 24-year-old disabled fashion designer and CEO of Jacqueline City Apparel. City suffers from dysautonomia and POTS as well as heart disease and PTSD. Despite her health challenges, she continued to pursue her art and created a sustainable, vegan clothing line with inclusive sizing and affordable prices.

Meanwhile, Love Disorder's mission is to inform society about mental health issues while teaching how to become aware and accepting of the disorders challenging the world today.

Svetlana Chernienko is a Canadian-American Mental Health advocate, activist, and TV news contributor. As of this year, Svetlana will be working on her eco-sustainable fashion line, Wu-Sah, and striving to reach a bigger audience to shed as much light on Mental Health Awareness as she possibly can.

Last but not least to be featured is Adorn Your Clothes, a brand that allows you to love and adorn your clothes however you like. The brand aims to have its customers decorate and reinvent their clothes so that they will stay in their wardrobes longer. This way, fewer clothes will go to landfills, and global warming can be slowed down.

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