Should luxury brands leave social media?


Early this week, Balenciaga unexpectedly wiped all of its social media channels. The fashion house's official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages have deleted all posts, leaving them completely blank.

Nothing has surfaced just earlier this week. Balenciaga abruptly wiped all of its social media channels. The style house's reliable Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages have deleted all posts, leaving them absolutely blank.

Nothing has surfaced yet. However, the drastic pass is predicted to be tied to the approaching high fashion display designed via Creative Director Demna Gvasalia. It is thrilling to notice that the approaching display serves as Balenciaga's first couture series in 53 years.

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In recent years, Balenciaga has stuck the eye of the younger era withinside the streetwear enterprise. This consists of their Triple S and Speedtainer. 

Social Media in The Fashion Industry


The effect of social media on the style enterprise is undeniable. Since the increase of social media, organizations have begun to understand the various blessings of making a voice for their emblem and attracting clients on famous social media platforms. Some of the maximum impactful blessings of social media for style organizations include:


Cultivated Brand Image and Increased Awareness


Connection with Customers


Increased Traffic


Immediate Communication


Targeted Ads


Only 30% of luxury companies using Instagram said it is "very effective." Facebook's "very effective" measure is about half that or 16%. Pinterest and YouTube are 9% and 8%, respectively, and Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, and TikTok's very effective ratings are almost too small to measure. These social media channels have had consistently low ratings over the last three years.

But this is not the first time a fashion brand deleted its social media. Bottega Veneta has done it before without an explanation. 

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So what's next? The next stuff would be looking for a new creative to connect with the fans. Otherwise, having a great spokesperson would definitely help the brand to cease in the industry. 

Having a brand ambassador could help you protect your reputation, humanize your brand, and definitely help you introduce the brands to others. That is why if a brand is targeting an Asian market, they will choose someone that can captivate the fans. For example, all the Blackpink members are chosen to represent big brands like Chanel, Celine, Dior, and Saint Laurent. 

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