Quest San Hotel Denpasar hosts the prestigious competition, celebrating the creativity of F&B professionals


Archipelago International, the leading hotel management company in Southeast Asia, has successfully concluded the highly anticipated Black Box Battle 2023 at Quest San Hotel Denpasar. The event, held on Thursday, December 14, showcased the culinary talents of 20 participants, including 9 F&B leaders and 11 Executive Chefs from the Bali and Mataram regions.

The Black Box Battle required participants to create extraordinary dishes within a limited time frame using secret food ingredients and spices provided in the mysterious black box. Executive chefs and F&B leaders embraced the challenge, transforming the undisclosed ingredients into a variety of exceptional food and beverage creations.

Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International, expressed excitement about the event, stating, "We are very excited to once again organize the 5th Black Box Battle. This program serves as the perfect platform to celebrate the creativity and dedication of our culinary experts in the Bali & Mataram regions, as well as to recognize their talent in the F&B industry. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to promote Balinese cuisine and its surroundings."

Denny Frederik, Corporate Chef East Area at Archipelago International, added, "We hope that this competition can serve as a platform for F&B professionals to showcase their skills and continue to contribute to the development of the F&B industry in Indonesia."

In the Food Battle category, Chef Anwar from Aston Kuta secured the 1st place, receiving the prestigious Charles Brookfield Trophy. Chef Ni Made Suarmini from Hotel NEO Denpasar claimed the 2nd place, winning the John Flood Trophy, and Chef Jehezkiel Runtuwailan from Harper Kuta Bali delighted the crowd to secure the 3rd place.

The winners of the Beverage Battle category included I Gusti Agung Udiana from ASTON Canggu, who claimed the 1st place and the Charles Brookfield Trophy. Ida Bagus Windu Manuaba from ASTON Denpasar secured the 2nd place, winning the John Flood Trophy, while Wayan Eka Sudarta from Hotel NEO Denpasar captured the crowd's heart to claim the 3rd place.

Chef Muhammad Anwar from ASTON Kuta, the winner of the Food Battle category, shared his experience, saying, "This is my first time participating in the Archipelago Black Box Battle, and it has been an extraordinary experience. In terms of preparation, I focused more on cooking equipment because I was unaware of the provided ingredients, and that was a challenge in the Archipelago Black Box. Hopefully, in the future, I can participate in more Black Box Battle events and maintain this title."

I Gusti Agung Udiana from ASTON Canggu, the winner of the Beverage Battle category, explained his preparation, stating, "In the past few weeks, my preparation involved comparing various videos on YouTube and seeking out unique ideas. Coincidentally, my initial concept was Eco-Friendly, but I also devised alternative concepts aside from the Eco-Friendly presentation. Additionally, I contemplated the potential secret ingredients hidden within the Black Box, enabling me to develop those ingredients into a delightful beverage."

Archipelago International congratulates all the winners of the Black Box Battle 2023, recognizing their exceptional creativity and contribution to the culinary landscape in Southeast Asia.

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