It is a high probability that you have seen these 'pretty numbers', but did you know that each of those Angel Numbers numerology has their own meaning?


Angel number is the same series of numbers usually in a pattern of three or more. One of the most recent Angel numbers would be on February 22 where if converted to numbers become 22-02-22. The date itself represents the Angel number and with different numbers represents different meanings. 

Here is a list of Angel numbers to guide you understand your numerology.

The number that resembles a circle, this angel number wants to convey the meaning of opportunity. Symbolizing a fresh start, this is the moment when one will have infinite support from the angels. As new opportunities are on the horizon, this could be considered as a sign to pave one own's path

Number one commonly known as a divine number, the numerological symbols is an opportunity to make a wish, set a goal, or remind oneself of a past desire or yearn. This symbol could also be a sign that one needs to trust their intuition as ancestors and heavenly support system is in presence to guidance. This angel number pattern indicates that the present that one is working on the future is becoming one. 

Number two defines balance and alignment. It could mean that one is at a stage of having a good balance in their life or it could be a sign that one is having an imbalance in their life. The repeated two is a reminder that community is everything.

Number three is associated with being on the right track and making the right choice. If one is at a stage of a dilemma between a choice and choosing something may cause one to be more anxious, then seeing this number should give better reassurance. Seeing the number three signifies a calling to the trinity of mind, body, and soul.

Representing the stability, one may be facing a particular challenge, but set assured that by seeing this number, it means one is not alone. Guardian angels from the spiritual realms symbolized from this repeated four as this indicates divine guidance. 

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Number five is a time for a change. This number represents an upcoming change. If one's life has been stagnant for quite some time, then one should get ready to receive a major shift that is coming their way from the presence of 555. 

While this number typically is stigmatized negatively, its true meaning is associated with happiness. The presence of the repeated six is a reminder that happiness is one own's responsibility. Practicing self-care to control negative perspectives and invite peace to one's life is recommended.

The ultimate symbol of good luck, witnessing 777 means good fortune is coming one's way. Especially wallet-wise, the number seven encourages one to accept any opportunities and possibilities out there. This means it is a sign to say 'yes' to something. 

Number eight represents infinity in numerological astrology. This number pattern reflects the intimate and sincere bond to the spiritual realm. 

Number nine acts as the conclusion of a chapter. This means that one will end a part of their life to move on to the new chapter of life. This is also a sign to forget the old and make a room for the new one. Use this opportunity to kick-start the new season. 

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