Finding time to balance between working out and relaxing can be difficult for busy people. That's why this quick, all-in-one routine is specially designed for busy people!


Finding time to work out or to relax can be difficult for people with crazy hours of work. Ideally, some people spend eight hours at work, but there are also others who work for 13 hours straight to make their ends meet. Others, like CEOs or managers, work long hours to satisfy their job demands. 

As much as these people want to keep themselves healthy and happy, it can be hard to convince themselves to do so as they become too drained from their job.

But fret not, this routine created by The S Media is designed to fit the schedule of busy people. 

Make Movement as part of your routine
During this pandemic, many people are working from home. This makes people less active as they are on-screen all day. It is time to take advantage of that time instead.  

Start the day with a short workout. Thousands of Youtube videos teach workouts from the bed which can only take 5 to 10 minutes long. Although it is short, morning movement is recommended by health experts to get your blood pumping after hours of idle sleep. Some exercises that can be practiced are side-planks, roll-up, superman pulse-up, downward dog split, and many more. 

When it's time to work, always make sure to change your posture every hour. Moving around the chair, standing up, and stretching are some ways to keep your body moving. While sitting down, stretch your head, your legs, and your hands every once in a while. 

For people working in the office, stretches can also be practiced from the desk. Some of the movements are side-bends, neck stretch, hamstring stretch, reverse lunges, tricep-dip, and pulse lunge. These may only take two to five minutes before you head back to work.

Energize yourself with a daily 20-minute break
Never underestimate the boost a 20-minute break can give you. Whether at home or the office, make sure you reward yourself daily with a 20-minute break to power up your energy.

Make use of your 20-minute break by doing anything other than work. In the office, sneaking out to the gym or possibly the park to get your body moving can balance your work with your life. Another activity you could do is a quick nap or watching Netflix. 

Around the house, that 20-minute could be done for cooking or a coffee break. The key point is that during that 20-minute break, it is prominent to enjoy yourself out of work.

Prepare yourself
Making a to-do list every day will help you organize your days, and prevent any missed schedules. According to many CEOs' advice, it is best to make your to-do lists the night before your day starts. That way, you'll know first thing in the morning what to do to get your day going and maintain a good mood throughout the day. 

When making a to-do list, start by prioritizing your most urgent tasks at the top followed by lighter tasks throughout the day. Make sure that your to-do list is not just a pile of things you should do, but consider the urgency and importance of each task to make sure that your list will not cause you any further confusion.

Educate yourself
Another way to add up to the routine of busy people is self-education. For busy people, adding that knowledge up could be done by listening to a podcast or reading a book. In fact, listening to podcasts could be more practical than having to bring a book everywhere. This could be done during the 20-minute break or even when traveling to the office or train. 

Listening to podcasts can be a future investment as educating yourself daily has a long-term impact by widening your knowledge so that you are well-equipped with different perspectives when approaching your days.

Rest days for personal activities
Out of the seven days in a week, dedicate some of the days to do a particular activity that builds your personal development. For example, Wednesday afternoons could be used for you to increase your creativity by painting for one hour. At that time, any work-related activity should be blocked so that you can focus on your personal development. 

With this dedicated time and commitment to your personal matters, you will have a work-life balance and better productivity. 

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