Nastar, Kastangel, and Sago are a few of the most beloved cookies during Eid. Does your family serve them as well?


It's that time of the year. The fasting month is fast approaching. This means Eid is also right around the corner. It is the time for relatives to drive and fly in from each corner of the world to get together on the day of the blank slates. The perfect time for the whole big family to strengthen and mend broken relationships.

Are you in a family that typically serves cookies during Eid? Then you must be familiar with the variety of cookies feted for the guests. 

Those who do not have cookies on this holy day can also join in and try these 5 best cookies found during Eid.

Nastar is such a staple cookie found during Eid. Its fruity sweetness is the reason why they can still be found on top of tables. Nastar is mostly shaped like a dome with pineapple jam in the center. The cookie is usually topped with a clove, perhaps mimicking the shape of the orange fruit.

Kastangels (or Kaasstengels in Dutch) is a savory type of cookie having cheese as one of its main ingredients. Bakers often put a lot of cheese in these cookies. Edam, cheddar, and parmesan cheese are usually the type of cheese used here.

Sago Cookies
Sago cookies are delicious off-white cookies shaped like a circle churro. Though, unlike churro, the cookies are baked, not fried, and have a hard and at times fragile texture. Sago cookies sometimes are mixed with cheese to elevate their taste by making them more savory. 

The cookies also use a unique ingredient called sago flour made from the starch of the sago tree. This core ingredient is the reason why it is called sago cookies.

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Classic peanut cookies
Classic peanut cookies are one of the easiest-made cookies on this list. First of all, the ingredients to bake them are relatively easy to find and are cheap. 

To make a batch of classic peanut cookies, you will only need peanuts toasted then crushed, flour, sugar, and vegetable oil. Mix all four ingredients, roll them out, cut with cookie cutters, and bake them.

Chocolate chip cookies
You know what? Traditional Eid cookies are great, but why don't we try something new, with American-style chocolate chip cookies. These cookies have boomed in popularity starting only a few years ago. But not without any reason, they are delicious and can be made with various toppings to match everyone's preferences.

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