Good luck to all fresh graduates who are trying to find a job


Being a fresh graduate during the pandemic was not really exciting. First, I live in a small city where job opportunities are not as big as in Jakarta. Secondly, finding a job as a fresh graduate is challenging. 

It is understandable if my mom could not let me go out during the pandemic. First, the transmission of COVID-19 is fast. Other variants are still unknown. Hence I have to try to work from home solely. 

I thought it would be such a bad experience. However, the pandemic has forced me to re-think the situation. The pandemic and the work-from-home situation has allowed me to work with one of the most prestigious media; in addition to that, I have two amazing freelancing works. I even got a chance to work on a newspaper. 

So I'm going to share some tips with you on finding a job as a fresh graduate during the pandemic. 

Firstly, I would say your portfolio is essential. This is the time where you could actually build your portfolio. If you are in a creative industry, please look at new media or even your university's newspaper. People nowadays are often looking or asking for your experience. In my case, they would ask, "Have your writings been published in any major English newspapers? What's your experience?". I would not say that I am the best writer, but I'm trying to build my portfolio even now. 

Secondly, please look for more connections. These days, we're lucky because we have social media platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram. There are tons of talented people out there, don't be shy to approach them online. If you are showing a good attitude or interest, surely they would contact you back. I have seen my friends working on prestigious media that's actually located outside Indonesia. I would say be explorative instead of cursing in this pandemic time. We are all in it together. 

Lastly, I would say, always keep in contact with your teammates. Even if you are no longer with them, keep in touch because they are part of your connection, and you would not know what will happen in the future. 

I would say working remotely is not as comfortable as I thought. Firstly because I’m a night owl. I could not find a balance between my working time and my resting time. As a result, it's actually disrupting my work.  I experienced burnout, and I would say it was the most challenging time of my life. I also have some difficult times as I would love to try to write in Western media, but at the moment, I haven’t got it yet. 

But that's life, but I would say moving on and motivating yourself is also essential. But I would say that I'm very grateful to have excellent teammates to work with during this pandemic. 

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