Michelle Tjokrosaputro leads one of Indonesia's biggest textile and garment manufacturers, PT Dan Rilis - also known as Batik Keris


Michelle Tjokrosaputro is one of the most successful businesswomen from Indonesia, mostly known for her role as the CEO of PT Dan Rilis. Michelle is the daughter of the late Handiman Tjokrosaputro, the original owner of PT Dan Rilis before Michelle took over. The company is most known for its Batik Keris brand.

Founded in the 1920s in Solo, Central Java, by Michelle's grandfather, Kasom Tjokrosaputro, Danliris is a fully-integrated Indonesian textile and garment manufacturer delivering high-quality products to over 20 countries as well as the domestic Indonesian market.

It was first established as PT Batik Keris in 1970. When Kasom’s sons, Handoko and Handiman, started to get involved, they expanded the business to textile production, and a weaving division was initiated in 1974.

Venturing into this industry subsequently led to a change in the company name to suit the new vision and values of the business. The name Danliris, or officially PT Dan Liris was chosen. It was taken from the Javanese words 'udan liris', meaning drizzling rain.

The name was chosen to symbolize Danliris’ success, which is through maintaining the well-being and development of our employees, shareholders, and the local community as well as the quality of its services. Through the company, the family extended its services to include spinning, finishing and printing, as well as garment manufacturing by 1976.

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The journey of Michelle
Being the third child in the family, Michelle was not originally appointed as the CEO. Denise, Michelle's oldest sister, who was a graduate of a textile school in the US was appointed to the role as Michelle was still in senior high school. She is also not known to have fond of fashion.

In the early 2000s, a monetary crisis struck PT Dan Rilis which led Michelle to step in to help Denise with the company as their father fell sick continuously. The company also had some complications with its credit score which led it to the verge of bankruptcy. 

To make it worse, some workers began to hold public protests against the company complaining about the work termination policy that had to be done, and stop working. At that time, Michelle did not know the company very well. Michelle knew that the company was her father's precious possession and therefore, she had to save it. 

Michelle was appointed as CEO in 2009 and is the third generation in her family to take upon the company’s primary leadership role. She was helped by directors who have worked at Dan Rilis for years and her husband, Peter Danny Chandra, supported her endlessly - this support and hardships forge her into who she is now. 

10 years later, not only that all debts are cleared up, the company's revenue grew three times. Unfortunately, Michelle's father was not able to be there watching her success and the company's development.  

Dan Liris now
The company is now supported by approximately 8,000 human resources and machinery. It produces a wide range of fabrics through spinning, weaving, finishing, and printing division. 

Producing more than 7.5 million pieces of garments and 91,000 bales of yarn annually, Dan Liris has become a trusted partner of choice for overseas brands such as DKNY, Disney, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Dunhill among others. 

Aside from PT Dan Rilis, Michelle is also now the CEO of Ambassador Garmindo, Paramount Lifestyle, and Bateeq Store.

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