Elevating Travel Style: Le Bristol Paris and Sporty & Rich's Unprecedented Collaboration


Le Bristol Paris, a symbol of timeless elegance, is proud to unveil an extraordinary collaboration with the California leisurewear brand Sporty & Rich. This unique partnership introduces a co-branded capsule collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, which debuted on September 27, 2023, during Paris Fashion Week. Designed to encapsulate the sartorial essentials of the modern traveler, the collection seamlessly merges the sophistication of Le Bristol with the relaxed yet refined aesthetic of Sporty & Rich, created by Emily Oberg.

Emily Oberg, the founder of Sporty & Rich, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "I fell in love with Hotel Le Bristol while visiting Paris for work. It has a special feeling of history and elegance that you can't help but notice as soon as you walk through the door. The decor, staff, and service each embody the true essence of luxury and, to us, the very meaning of Sporty & Rich. We are honored to team up with a brand as established and recognized as Le Bristol. In designing the collection, I wanted to create pieces that spoke to the hotel's history."

The capsule collection exudes a casual-chic vibe, offering a range of items, including luxurious cashmere ensembles, stylish pajama sets, and supremely comfortable sweatshirts, tees, and sweatpants adorned with the distinctive logos of both brands. To complement the apparel, the collection features caps, a keychain, a tote bag, and socks, allowing for coordinated styling possibilities. Crafted from premium, natural materials, each piece showcases a subdued color palette, emphasizing the collection's understated and elegant ambiance.

Luca Allegri, General Manager of Le Bristol Paris, expressed, "An inaugural moment for Le Bristol Paris, this collaborative collection alongside the esteemed sportswear and wellness brand, Sporty & Rich, curates a wardrobe that resonates with the comfort and elegance of both houses, offering discerning travelers a new way to express themselves."

To mark its debut, the collection was launched online at and in an exclusive pop-up at Le Bristol Paris Boutique. This collaborative pop-up at Le Bristol provides style enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience, try on, and shop the capsule collection in person.

In this extraordinary blend of heritage and contemporary allure, Le Bristol Paris and Sporty & Rich redefine travel style, presenting a timeless collection that speaks to the journey of the modern wanderer.

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