An island near Makassar could be the next potential destination.


Indonesia consists of thousands of islands, which every island has its own characteristic. From Sabang to Merauke, there is always something new to be explored. These attract domestic tourists and foreigners alike. The beauty of Indonesia is born naturally and has been recognized and even awarded with some prestigious awards at the international level.

Bali and Raja Ampat will undoubtedly be remembered as the quintessential Indonesian getaway. However, there is an island near Makassar that could be the next potential destination.


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Samalona island is still unfamiliar to most ears, but it is actually paradise. Your eyes will admire its stunning natural scenery when you visit.

Samalona is only about two hectares wide, which is why it is called a small island. Its area is shrinking due to global warming, which has an impact on rising sea levels. Furthermore, the presence of coastal abrasion narrows the area. Serious precautions must be taken to protect this island because the possibility of Samalona sinking in the future cannot be ruled out.

To get to this beautiful island, take a boat from one of Makassar City's docks, such as Popsa Pier, Samalona, or Panyyua. The travel time is approximately 30-45 minutes. Visitors to Samalona Island will be greeted by views of white sand and clear seawater. Many tall coconut trees line the beach, adding to the beauty of this island. Even simply relaxing and taking in the panoramic view of the beach in front of you will astound you.

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This island offers underwater beauty. You can dive and see what's in the sea up close, including a variety of colorful fishes, sea horses, coral reefs, and other marine biotas. Keep in mind that the waters are shallow, and there are many sea urchins to be found, so be extra cautious when diving.

If you can't swim well, don't worry because the water is quite shallow. The waters are calm and not choppy, that's why it's more comfortable to do activities in the water. If you want to dive but forget to bring your own equipment, calm down. There are many places to rent snorkeling and diving equipment near the beach. If you don't feel comfortable exploring the underwater by yourself, you can request to be accompanied by a diving coach.

Samalona Island also has an old cemetery in addition to warships. According to locals, the grave has been there for hundreds of years, long before Islam arrived in South Sulawesi. Many people from outside the island are known to come to the cemetery on specific days to make pilgrimages and ask for blessings.

However, some people believe that the old grave is actually the Bajoe Tribe's grave. Previously. Samalona Island was also used as a prison for people with leprosy and those considered rebellious against the Dutch East Indies government.

Samalona Island, with all of its charms, can be your first choice for a vacation in Indonesia. This island's facilities are adequate to support tourist activities. There are already gazebos for relaxation, prayer rooms, food stalls, and restrooms. Several homestay options are available at reasonable prices for those who wish to stay.

This uninhabited island has long been known as one of the most beautiful oases in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Then, as the modern era progressed, this island became well-known both domestically and internationally. It is not surprising that local and foreign adventurers make this island one of their goals and add it to their travel itinerary. Snorkeling and diving are the most popular activities on this island.

As with other uninhabited islands, bring your own snorkeling or diving equipment if you want to snorkel or dive. This is due to the lack of people on the island, as no one rents out equipment for these activities. Adventures on Kodingareng Keke Island must also consider food and drink supplies. This is still related to the empty island, as no one sells food or beverages.







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