Many people commonly have similar dreams but their meanings depend on their lives independently.


A dream is a series of images, emotions, or sensations that our brains create while we sleep. Scientifically, dreaming can occur during any stage of the sleep cycle, but REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is the dream that produces the most memorable and vivid dreams. 

There are various types of dreams which include healing, prophetic, lucid, nightmares, and three other more. If you are curious to know each one of them, click here

Multiple dreams per sleep are possible, and they can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as 45 minutes. Some people are even able to continue their dreams until several hours even after being cut in a short wake. While until now, there is still no clear scientific explanation for why humans dream, there is a range of theories. One of the most popular reasons from psychoanalysts is that dreams are a repressed longing. 

Here are some of the most common dreams that people normally have and their meanings. 

Dreams about falling off a surface, in the air, or from a great height are found to be very common. Researchers believe that falling dreams could be interpreted from many things. 

Falling dreams are a fearful sign that something in your real life might not be going well. An example might be if you are not happy in the workplace you are working at or perhaps you are probably failing at the work you love.

 It often expresses a need to let go of something and enjoy life more. Moreover, it might suggest that you rethink a choice, or consider a new direction in life. For example, 

Dreaming about being naked in public space, as in without any clothes, can be a signal that you are feeling vulnerable or unprotected in some way in reality. Dreaming about this is hardly unusual, though it is sometimes considered awkward. Another meaning of this dream could also be about the fear of revealing your imperfections and shortcomings. 


Dreams about being chased might be a signal that you are running away from something in real life. These issues can involve deadlines, financial decisions, relationships as well as any other feelings.

Some dream experts believe that the key understanding of what such a dream might indicate depends on the pursuer. There are three types:

  • chased by an animal: Being chased by an animal might indicate that you are hiding feelings like anger or passion. 
  • chased by unknown chasers: Being chased by an unknown attacker could represent a childhood experience or past trauma.
  • chased by opposite sex: Being chased by someone of the opposite sec could mean that you are haunted by a past relationship or too afraid to step up for love.

Another common subject of dreams can be dying and it might be disconcerting, whether it is about your death or a loved one's death. On the contrary and similar to death, dying could mean a transformation that is occurring in life which is presented because change is scary for some people. As a result, it may bring anxiety or fear of the unknown.  

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