The intricate bond between our gut and brain is an indispensable alliance that shapes not only our digestive system but also our feelings and anxiety levels, underscoring the significance of nurturing a healthy gut for both our bodily and mental wellness.


Research has demonstrated that the connection between our gut and brain is a crucial relationship, which not only helps digestion but also plays a significant role in managing our emotions and stress levels. It turns out that our gut is more than just a source of physical nourishment. In fact, our emotions are felt in the gut too! Therefore, maintaining a healthy gut can significantly improve our overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our gut is made up of various organs that help process and absorb nutrients from the food we eat. A gut cleanse is an effective way to restore balance to our digestive system, removing toxins and boosting our energy levels while enhancing our immune system. Colonic hydrotherapy is an alternative therapy that involves flushing the colon with water to eliminate significant quantities of waste material from the bowel walls, thereby enabling the body to operate more efficiently.

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This therapy delivers a range of benefits, including cleansing the colon of unwanted waste material, rehabilitating the colon's natural peristalsis (muscular movement), stimulating flex points in the colon, and re-lubricating and hydrating the lower bowel. It also provides exceptional disease prevention and improves both gut and skin health.

Colonic hydrotherapy is an excellent addition to Zulal Wellness Resort's retreat programmes, such as Therapeutic Cleanse, Detox, and Natural Slimming Retreats. The benefits of this therapy include promoting weight loss, clearer and brighter skin, alleviating allergies, and reducing headaches, all while improving digestion.

At Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, a team of qualified colonic hydrotherapy nurses and medical doctors is on hand to provide two types of services: Colonic Hydrotherapy and Coffee Colonic Hydrotherapy. The latter utilizes a mixture of brewed, caffeinated coffee and water to improve detoxification by stimulating increased activity of the body's enzyme system via the liver and bile ducts. The primary aim of this therapy is to cleanse the body and improve liver function. In contrast, Colonic Hydrotherapy is a gentle cleansing of the colon, where a well-trained therapist uses gentle flows of filtered water, alternating between warm and cool, to remove faecal matter, gas, and mucus, promoting a healthy internal ecosystem abundant in healthy gut flora.

To achieve the best possible results, we suggest that guests incorporate a range of other treatments into their programmes that support the bowel system and promote digestion. One such treatment is the Al Batin abdominal massage. This technique can help retrain the muscles responsible for bowel movements, reducing symptoms of constipation and pelvic and abdominal pain.

Another recommended treatment is the lymphatic drainage massage. This type of gentle massage promotes the drainage of lymph nodes and fluids throughout the body, aiding in the removal of waste and toxins from body tissues.

Guests are also encouraged to follow the Cleansing Diet Meal Plan alongside their chosen treatments. This plan emphasizes plant- and fish-based foods, as well as herbs and ingredients inspired by Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Some examples of such ingredients include figs, dates, pomegranates, sumac, carob, and black seeds. By incorporating these foods into their diet, guests can further support their body's natural cleansing and healing processes.

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