Arnold & Son only made eight Luna Magna Ultimate I watches.


For watch collectors, Arnold & Son is one of the targeted products every time they present a new model. After introducing the Luna Magna model some time ago, Arnold & Son now shows the Luna Magna Ultimate I, which is more luxurious.

The design is the same as Luna Magna. Still, now the details are more spectacular with a touch of luxury jewelry. The clock, which shows a miniature three-dimensional moon, is made of blue sapphires and diamonds.

This Ultimate I model is the first to take inspiration from the night sky astronomy into a work of high art. The model, will be presented at the 2021 Geneva Watch Days event at the end of August 2021, comes with a tall masterpiece display.

The luxurious watch face features ruthenium crystal and a white opal dial. The bezel is one with a baguette-cut diamond in a three-dimensional moon that is paved with blue sapphires and diamonds.


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This 44 mm case features a 12 mm mechanical star on the inside. The result is extraordinary. The placement of the gems in both the stone and the technique used is exact. Arnold & Son applies high quality to eight—yes, only eight hours produced—with the engraved precious stones invisible.

As a work of art, Luna Magna Ultimate I uses high-quality materials. The shell is made of white gold with 7.62-carat diamonds of the highest quality. There are an additional 20 baguette-cut diamonds on the case lugs, individually cut to fit each holder's unique shape.

Another detail is present in the subtle ring that resembles the Saturn ring forming a bezel surrounding the shell of Luna Magna Ultimate I. This ring contains 112 baguette-cut diamonds for a total of 5.90 carats.

For those asking if it takes a certain angle to see this watch clearly, Arnold & Son has thought of a unique design. There is an invisible two-line arrangement that allows light to enter freely.

The blue color comes from hundreds of crystals of pure ruthenium, a rare material for a watch. This rugged metal belongs to the platinum group, which means they are found together in the same ore. Separating them is a complex process that makes ruthenium ten times less common. Here, it has been reshaped into a crystal that was placed on the faceplate before being blued.

Arnold & Son chose Roman numerals to indicate the hours, located on a circle in the middle of a sea of ​​blue stones. It looks clear and unique behind the domed sapphire with an anti-reflective coating on both sides.

Beneath the watch, the three-dimensional moon is a standout feature of the Luna Magna watch. The jewel arrangement of the highest complexity overlays the entire white gold sphere. It is divided into 161 brilliant diamonds for the day and blue sapphires for the night.

Regarding the engine, the Luna Magna Ultimate I uses the A&S1021 caliber, which is entirely developed, manufactured, assembled, and customized internally at Arnold & Son. This caliber has a power reserve of 90 hours and a regulating organ at a frequency of 3 Hz.


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The sophistication of this celestial mechanism also lies in its astronomical accuracy. The length of the complete moon cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.8 seconds. Arnold & Son has produced such similarities that it would take the movement 122 years to obtain a one-day interval between the watch face and the actual celestial cycle. However, this error is easy to fix considering that the moon function on Luna Magna Ultimate I can be accessed directly from the crown.

Some technical information about this clock, among others, its thickness is about 15.9 mm with the ability to be waterproof as deep as 30 meters. The strap uses alligator leather with a choice of blue or black which is manually sewn.

Regarding the price, Luna Magna Ultimate I is offered at $185,000 or around Rp 2.6 billion. Remember this model is made of only 8 pieces, you need to hurry if you are interested in having it.


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