Are also Song Kang's fans?


A young South Korean actor, Song Kang, is  currently starring in the Netflix show 'Nevertheless' with Han So Hee, an actress whose name skyrocketed after the drama 'The World of the Married.'

Recently, Song Kang has become a hot topic among K-Drama lovers. Because besides being good at acting, Song Kang's good looks have captivated the audience. His name has skyrocketed since playing in the drama 'Love Alarm' alongside Kim So-Hyun. 

Song Kang, who is also a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, is also dubbed the New Prince of Netflix because he has some series available on Netflix. To name a few, you could watch; 'Love Alarm,' 'Sweet Home,' and 'Navillera.'

Last year, Song Kang acted in a series called 'Sweet Home' on Netflix. 'Sweet Home' is an apocalyptic horror series. In the story, Song Kang plays a character named Cha Hyun-soo who tries to survive against monsters that are not easily defeated. Currently, 'Sweet Home' is waiting for its second season.

Well, this year, Song Kang’s role in 'Nevertheless' is Park Jae-eon. Park Jae-on is a student of the art department. He is described as a playboy and often not serious in existing love relationships. Though this drama only has 13 episodes, many fans have patiently waited for the show. 

But actually, Song Kang's hard work paid off. With 185 cm, Song Kang received many offers as an idol, as quoted from the South China Morning Post. However, he did not accept any of the offers and focused on becoming an actor. In every act he does, Song Kang also consistently gives the best of himself. In the series' Sweet Home', Song Kang tries to exercise to increase his muscle mass, while for the film 'Nevertheless,' Song Kang has to go on a diet.

Not only that, but Song Kang is also willing to do new things to maximize the role he takes. For example, learn to dance ballet for the series 'Navillera.' "I got to experience ballet for the first time in my life through Navillera. I was worried because it was my first time trying it, but learning it was a lot of fun. I took ballet lessons five to six months before shooting began. Still, advanced moves were difficult to follow in such a short period, so I tried to portray ballerino Chae-rok as naturally as possible by paying attention to the overall form and gaze," he said in one of his interviews.

Furthermore, Song Kang will also be acting with Park Min Young for the drama 'When the Camellia Blooms.' Park Min Young herself is one of the most famous actresses in South Korea. She is also labeled as the rom-com queen, and undoubtedly fans will be excited for the next series by Song Kang. 

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