Jin BTS wears a crewneck sweater from a local Indonesian brand.


Thanks to Jin BTS! Because of you, we are (getting) proud of our local product. Jin was caught wearing a crewneck sweater in his photo booth session from a local Indonesian brand, Devá States. It, simultaneously, made an excitement from ARMY (that's what we call BTS fanbase) in Indonesia and became a trending topic on the internet. 

The Responses of netizens are varied. One of the IG users with account @unbelievbble wrote that the owner of the Devá States, which by chance is their friend, doesn't know that their product was worn by one of BTS members.

Photo courtesy of LINE Today

JIN BTS wore local Indonesian products in his photo booth concept for Butter drove ARMY of Indonesia commented in Devá States column feed and requested them to re-stock that crewneck as Jin BTS purchased. 

Like what the crewneck that made the fuss?

Worth Rp 950.000

It's a type of body knitted sweater in black colour. Made in 100% cotton, this sweater is sold for presale for 48 hours with 4-6 weeks for order and fulfilment. It's ribbed hem and sleeves with engineered graphic decoration and rubbed patch applique. 

In their official account on Instagram, Devá States wrote in a Japanese letter that roughly means, "Online knit sweater pre-order sales have started! Thank you for your support."

The story behind the Devá States 

Theo Kusuma and Mol Edrin founded it in December 2015 with mutual interests in graphic arts and t-shirts. The Devá States refers to the balance and philosophy of Japanese culture, 'Wabi-Sabi'. The definition is good; celebrating the beauty in imperfection. 

Devá is adopted from Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages in Indonesia, which translates to; the shining one, divine or anything of excellence. Devá is inspired by a diverse range of references, issues and disciplines. Art movements from different times, philosophies and social phenomenons are recurring subjects of our works. A cornucopia of visual stimulants that we try to translate into graphics, colours and textures.

Looking another Devá States masterpiece

The Devá States's collections are appetizing to scroll down other products, one of which is the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM collection. Like they said on the official website, The Circadian Rhythm was inspired by the dramatic changes in daily routines that were altered due to quarantine and isolation. The Devá States invites us to step back in time to revisit all of the things we loved and why we do the things we are doing today. 

The CIRCADIAN RHYTHM collection tells the founder’s journey. Theo Kusuma and Mol Edrin re-experience all the music they listened to and movies they watched growing up, looking at their graphic artworks and digging through old merch at their homes. They want to deliver the message that we should face all these uncertainties in the world with the spirit of our youth.

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