This competition is like the World Cup in the culinary world.


Indonesia has an extraordinary culinary wealth. Each region has a different approach to spices that creates a rich culinary tradition to be proud of.

This is also reflected in the enthusiasm of professional chefs from Indonesia who want to compete in the most prestigious installation championship, the Bocuse d'Or. This opportunity comes after 10 years ago Indonesia was chosen to compete, and now the selected chefs will be branding on September 26 to 27 in France.

The readiness of Indonesian representatives in the cooking competition will also be supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf). The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, expressed his hope that the Indonesian representatives could impact the recognition of Indonesian food on the world stage.

"Indonesia's participation in the Bocuse d'Or competition is also a forum for the introduction of Indonesian tourism destinations, as well as the success of the 'Indonesia Spice Up the World' program. We hope that the flavors left on the tongue through Indonesian spices can inspire us to visit places of origin for culinary delights, so that this activity is beneficial not only for Indonesia's creative economy, but also for the development of Indonesian tourism," said Uno in his statement.


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Uno also hopes that this world-class competition can increase the confidence of Indonesian chefs to be more creative in their work, especially in introducing authentic Indonesian culinary flavors to the international world. This will undoubtedly affect the increasing demand for Indonesian culinary ingredients such as spices and herbs and the rising number of Indonesian menus in various restaurants, creating jobs and drive the national economy.

The Bocuse d'Or competition brings together chefs from various countries, held every two years in Lyon, France, a city known as a gastronomic center. This competition is like the World Cup in the culinary world because it is considered very prestigious by the chefs who compete.

The Indonesian team will be Chef Mandif Warokka and Nugraha Lutfi, commissioner of the Blanco par Mandif restaurant in Ubud, Bali. Chef Mandif is well known in the international culinary world with achievements such as the gold medal at Salon Culinaire Dubai 2005.

The preparation of the Indonesian team was also assisted by two professional chefs, namely Chris Salans, the chef from Mozaic in Ubud Bali, and Chef Gilles Marx as President of Bocuse d'Or Indonesia and owner of Amuz Gourmet restaurant in Jakarta. Gourmet also coached the Indonesian team in the same competition in 2011.

The stages of participating in this competition are pretty tight. The first stage is carried out nationally by countries that want to participate, then proceeds to regional stages such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and America until the best are selected to compete in the final round in Lyon.

“Bocuse d'Or is an opportunity for me to prove that Indonesian chefs are able to compete with other world-class chefs. This is an immeasurable pride,” said Mandif Warokka.

Warokka prepares a unique strategy to compete at the world level. He will use the diversity and quality of Indonesian flavors. Starting from the raw materials to the taste. This advantage is expected to impress the judges.

“Indonesia is blessed with natural wealth from sea to land, this is what we want to represent in the dishes we design. Through our food, the judges and those present can see Indonesia," said Warokka.

Nugraha Lutfi, who is still 21, has a valuable opportunity to participate in this prestigious competition. He hopes to play a role in helping Chef Warokka prepare his dishes.


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Chef Lutfi was chosen as Warokka's assistant chef because, as a team, they must have chemistry and understand each other. Lutfi has also worked with Warokka at the Blanco par Mandif restaurant. It is hoped that the two of them can complement each other and bring medals to Indonesia.

Chris Salans, who has lived in Indonesia for more than 20 years, feels proud to see the achievements of Indonesian chefs. He believes that the capacity of chefs in Indonesia is worthy of competing in global competitions such as the Bocuse d'Or.

"The election of Indonesia to enter the final round of the Bocuse d'Or 2021 is a reflection of the current capacity of Indonesian chefs. After ten years ago, bringing the Indonesian team to Lyon, I believe Indonesia is ready to return to aiming for the podium of the cooking competition,” said Marx.

This team also received support from PT Time International. This well-known watch distributor believes that the achievements of Indonesian chefs in international events can be proud in the future.

"I always believe that new talents will continue to be harvested, and it is a pleasure and an honor to support the Indonesian team who have prepared themselves to enter the final round of the Bocuse d'Or," said Irwan D. Mussry, CEO of PT Time International.


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