To all people who are night owls.


Are you a morning person or a night person? Do you use most of your energy to finish your work at night? Ok, sometimes, people could be just a super early morning person and night owls. It is definitely challenging as we all work from home, we did not have exact working hours.

So we will take a look at why night owls have a bad rap, and yes, we have some recommendations on how to tackle your unsettling working hours. 

Firstly, by being a night owl, some people could label someone as lazy or immature. While at the same time this is not true at all, these stereotypes appeared as some people admire morning people. 

But additionally, being a night owl could affect your health too. People could potentially have psychiatric disorders, addiction, hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even infertility. But how? Because working too late at night could affect your biological clock or the circadian system. Without everyone realizing it, our body and mind need to take a rest. Could you imagine forcing them to work hard? It actually could not work anymore. Yup, it could create chaos inside our minds. Moreover, being a night owl could cause someone to gain weight and potentially become obese.  

So there are three tips for the night owls to survive these lousy rap habits. Well, you may not be able to apply these tips every day, but at least should we try it? 

Wake up every day at the same time

This one might be difficult, especially since we're all staying or working from home with no specific working hours. It's good that we're practicing waking up at the same time. In this case, you need to have the same sleeping pattern. You can sleep overtime when it's during the weekend, but don't do this on your day-to-day basis. Yes, if you don't have enough sleeping time, it could affect your mental health.

Get a dose of the bright lights of life. 

Well, it's not always the things you see that make you happy or energized. Sometimes you need to start your day from your mind. Aside from that, take a look at the sunshine, take pictures before you start your day by having your breakfast, or checking your emails. Yes, morning lights could boost your mood before you start your day. 

Minimize your light exposure 

You might think that you are a good employee when replying to an email or chatting directly at midnight. But, actually, this could disrupt your break time. You could find it hard to sleep if you are looking at these artificial lights for hours. Why? Yes, our inner clocks understand that light means we need to do something, and when it's time for us to rest, it could confuse our internal clock. So don't do this. 

There you are; if you are a night owl kind of person, be careful. Your body and mind need rest. Yes, even your working place is so demanding, you are not a robot, and it's just fine to take a long break. 

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